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How to Incur Huge Profit in Penny Stock Investing

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Penny stocks aren’t worthless because they are cheap. Companies such as Jenny Craig, 7-Eleven, and PETsMART started out as penny stocks and are now traded on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

All investing follows the same process: careful consideration and study. Look into books from the library on the subject, take classes, do some research online, refer to financial magazines or newspapers, do some kind of preparation to make sure you understand what you are getting into before you write any checks or transfer any funds. If you find any difficulty in penny stock investing, you can always depend on a professional to assist you.

Always set price targets.

Don’t be too insatiable and seek to make the most of rising stock price. When you have reached your target profit margin for that day, pack your bags and leave. A stock price can rise too high too quickly and also can drop too radically.

Don’t risk more than 3% of your total portfolio on any one stock trade.

In penny stock investing, some investors take more risk while some other never wants to take risk. It is rue that risk earns reward. But it is not advisable to take risk that you can’t bear. So don’t trade more than you can afford. Protect your initial capital is important if you want to trade stocks successfully.

Follow your choices.

After entering a number of trades, you should then start to supervise them suitably. Such as if the stock is meant to be a short term trade you would then clearly be watching it more closely for your exit signals. If it’s a longer term trade you must establish different time frames such as weekly or monthly checkups on the stock. This in fact frees you up and allows you more time to do other things.

Don’t ignore your portfolio

Several people don’t want to think about their financial future, and as a result, they don’t know what they hold in their portfolio. Instead, try to find a balance when viewing your gains and losses. Most financial professionals propose viewing your account at least every quarter, because checking your account daily could lead to bad decisions in the face of short-term market moves.

Know your take profit

The moment your trading system creates signal, it should be able to give you the profit potentials of the trade. Please note that guess work is not allowed in trading. Guessing can be very risky to any trader. You need to run thorough analysis before accepting take any trade with high chance.

Overstaying Your Position

Over time you will make more money by setting profit targets and avoiding the mentality “there is more money to be made, so why not let it run. penny stock investing by nature is cyclical and prices tend to fluctuate. Typical ideal profit targets are 20-30 pips, 50 to 60 pips and then a third one at 75+. Rather than giving into spur of the moment emotions, focus on not deviating from your plan instead.

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