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Something Sweet

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   In a galaxy far beyond our own millions of years ago, a Star gave birth to the world. Many different beings came to the baby shower expecting the event to be just a small welcoming get-together on Venus. But then someone spilled their glass of fruit punch on the shag rug. It was an accident in total honesty, but Momz was a worry wart and a perfectionist. When she saw the fruit blended concoction run slowly from the glass of imperfection, embedding the rug in what seemed to be a disfigured heart, Momz lost it. And everyone braced themselves.

   What was suppose to be an easy solution quickly escalated into deep breathing patterns of heep, heep, hoof hoof, whooooooooosah. With every heep her eyes would roll and with every hoof sweat would pour from the space between her crown and eyes. And the whoosah only compounded the situation. The effect was in reverse! Someone shouted, SHE’S GONNA HAVE THE BABY!!!!

   As the ladies all scurried to prepare for the birth, Momz slowly crawled to the carpet stained heart that started it all. She began to reminisce over her lover and how joyous he’d be to know that she was carrying his first born. How she hoped that one day he would come back to her in the flesh, hold her hand during her time of need and whisper love verses into her ear; instead of dwelling in the dreams he lived in.

  The time had come. There were incents, candles, scented candles, hot rags, sliced apples and oranges sitting on plate, and a tub of warm water with honey placed beneath Momz for her feet to welcome her child. Having read many manuscripts about giving birth, and studying the philosophy of “quiet births” the women took their positions. They began to hum a sweet lullaby as they joined hands enclosed around Momz. The harder she pushed, the deeper the moans.

Outside became dark. The vibrations in the room became still but high in frequency. It was slightly scary. Momz drew in a deep breath squeezing her eyes together to fight back tears, and the woman took a step back as silence fell over the room.


Then something exploded. It sounded something like the ground shaking loudly in the still of the night, inside a volcano just as it erupts in burps of satisfaction.


Mother Earth was then created. Remember the lullaby the women were humming just before the big bang took place? It went like this:


“Twinkle twinkle little Star, how I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky.

Twinkle twinkle little Star, how I wonder what you are..” There’s more to it but my memory isn’t as good as it use to be.


Every night Momz shines the brightest, which is why she’s the first star you see. She’s watching over her first born. This is a small example of how love can be so sweet. Let’s help take care of her child. Earth.


About ParaLectra:

“I am a writer and I plan to allow my pen to plant seeds and flourish upon the eyes of my audience. Love is real and I hope to share a portion of my peace with you.”

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