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Turn back the hands of time

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Tyrone Davis, in 1970, recorded

the hit song, “Turn Back the Hands of Time” in which he describes

his yearning for a lost love.

“Oh darling I’m so lonely

without you

Can’t sleep at night, always

thinking about you

But if I had the chance to

start all over

I would be wishing today on a

four leaf clover

And leaving you would be the

last thing on my mind

If I could turn back the hands

of time.”

If you could turn back your

financial hands of time, what would you do differently? Would


•Manage your family’s finances

more carefully?

•Setup an emergency fund to handle

short term financial crisis?

•Avoid credit card debt?

•Save and invest more consistently

over the years?

•Setup a college saving plans for

your children?

•Initiate an estate plan for your

aging parents and your family?

•Develop alternative job


•Consult with competent financial


•Started earlier saving for your


•Set family financial goals and

review them annually?

Of course we don’t have the luxury

of “turning back the financial hands of time,” because the

historical hands of time are tied and that story is forever written

in our past. However, our present and future is in our hands



“font-size: 14pt”>What is your vision?

What is your vision for your

family five, ten, twenty or forty years from now? How old will you

be? How old will your spouse and children be? What will you be

doing? Who will you have worked for? Where will you be living? What

will your lifestyle be like? What will you have


Creating a vision begins by

dreaming big dreams. Dreaming big dreams is not day dreaming, but

it is first understanding your values. What things are important to

you? When your values are clear, your decisions are easily made.

The opposite is also true, when your values are not clear, making

good decisions is extremely difficult.

Next, develop your own inspiring

vision of success. This is a mental picture of your mission and

purpose being fulfilled. Professionally you might vision yourself

as leading a team of researchers, or managing a large operation or

running your own business. Along with this professional vision will

be your vision of your family in the future, your relationships and

your spiritual growth. 




A vision without a plan is an

illusion. Achieving a vision begins with “planning smart.” The

first step is to create big goals that are specific, measureable,

achievable and time-bound. The next step is to develop action plans

to meet your goals. Goals need to be reviewed daily to make sure

you are staying on track and measuring your progress.

“Just do it,” is the last phase of

accomplishing your vision. Unfortunately many people start working

away at something, without doing the upfront planning. If you fail

to plan, then you have planned to fail. You might end up climbing

the proverbial ladder of success and find out it is leaning against

the wrong wall. “Just do it” means working hard and passionately to

achieve your vision of success. It also includes having feedback

mechanisms, such as mentors, coaches, colleagues, family members

and advisors. Along the way you may have to adjust your plan as

opportunities present themselves as long as they fit into your

long-term vision.


The answer

is in your hands

There is the story of the wise man

and the young prince. The prince, with his hands behind his back,

said to the wise man. “I have a bird in my hands—is it alive or

dead?” The wise man thought and then said, “if I say it is alive

you will crush it. If I say it is dead, you will let it live. The

answer to your question is in your hands.” And so to the answer to

your future and success is in your hands today. Begin by dreaming

big dreams, planning smart and like Nike, just do it!


Michael G. Shinn, CFP,

Registered Representative and Investment Adviser Representative of

and securities and investment advisory services offered through

Financial Network Investment Corporation, member SIPC. Visit


for more information or to send your comments or questions to

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© Michael G. Shinn 2009. 


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