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Practice of Meditation

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How to Meditate ?

This question is found with many people all over the world.

Before seeing How to Meditate ? we shall understand the meaning of the word meditation, meditation means that constant application of mind over a particular subject or continued concentration of the mind over a subject or image or it can be anything. Usually the image of god or guru is kept in order to gain peace of mind.

We can meditate upon anything, we can imagine anything in the heart and start meditating upon that. by practising like this over a period of time what will happen is that the mind stop’s wandering here and there it will have the strength to stay on a particular object or image for a very long time, weak mind has the tendency of oscillating too much. How to stop the mind from wandering, this we cannot instantly achieve as we think, it is nearly impossible, because mind has the tendency of oscillating all ways it moves from one object or subject to other continiously. This is because millions of years our mind is flowing outward, suddenly we cannot turn it 360 degrees to its origin we have to follows certain methods by which we can slowly get hold of it. we have to stop the mind oscillation by giving to some object or image otherwise it will wander like the trunk of elephant it will oscillate always, As soon as the trainer gives a stick, it will hold with patience. Minds distractions comes down with focus on one particular object or image so the mind’s concentration power increases with this power we should train the mind to focus on the self (i.e) ” I ” this is what most of the people follow in the world. this is also the path to success. but most of them never progress after concentration training becasue they like it and they get attached to it and wish to stay there itself.

But What i am going to suggest is the path followed by the great Guru Ramana Maharishi, this path is called as “Gnana Margam” ( based on the knowledge) one among the various paths followed.

We have most direct method of meditation which is suitable for real, ready and sincere seekers, it may be some what difficult to get hold once the practitioner gets the idea it is finished he can climb the ladder very fast than any other methods in controlling and destroying the mind. This is a very very direct method on the goal. We are going to Meditate on ” I ” . why ?

True meditation is nothing but the focus of mind on the self or super consciousness Instead of training the mind with concentration in the initial stage i suggest to directly meditate upon the subject ” I ” because there is more chance of concentration training make one to stay there itself without further progress, mind has to be taken further to the self.

So we suggest direct Enquiry about the self that is Who am I ? is this possible ? what is this ” I” and How to catch hold of it ? It is very much possible and we can gain inroad very fast and direct.

I thought is the Fundamental thought of all the other thoughts, All the thoughts arise from the ” I ” thought it is the base where from all the other thoughts branch out for example ” i am wrinting ” “i am running”, ” i am seeing” etc.,

As soon as we wake up in the morning the first thought to arise is ” I ” then immediately all the thoughts come into action. During sleep there is no “I” thought so we reside in the self unconsciouly, even though we are not aware but we feel good about sleep in next morning everyone enjoys sleeping this is a universal phenomenon. How to consciously reside in the self ? only one way is there that is the mind or Ego should be destroyed completely. Continuous enquiry of Who am I ? will finally destroy the mind. And self alone will be felt and realized. ( more books are available on this )

this ” i ” puts us on the world constantly. ” I is the Mind “, I is the ego, ” I is a bundle of thoughts ” which stands between us and self as barrier diverting us to the worldly thoughts. first and foremost step in this mediatation is to catch hold of this ” I ” thought. Ok. How can we do that ? Meditation depends on the mind of the meditator on the first instance it depends on his thoughts, We can start practicing meditation by setting aside all our thoughts, this can be acheived in a step by step method. First thing is to arrest all unwanted thoughts by seeing ourself at the source from were these thoughts arise attention to the thoughts gives power to the thought we need to starve the thoughts, this can be done by concentrating on the I thought.

We say I am this, I am that etc., to know about this I . we have to constantly question about this I by asking who am I ? this 3 word magic will definetly take us back to our self. constantly we should enquire about each and every thought araising in the mind to whom this thougts are arising ? then the answer will be ” to me”, again if we ask Who am I? it takes us back to the I thought so this cyclically brings back all the thoughts to ” I ” thought so now what ever thoughts araise during meditation we found a way to put it back to the I thought.

If we start seeing from where ? and to whom the thoughts are comming from the thought process will come down gradually mind will get back to the I thought that is back to source like wise if we practice focusing the source of the thoughts we will find answer as I again if we ask who am I ? then that I thought will get back to the source ifself . we have to go through this message carefully and understand the concept. Repeated who am I ?

Is the sure and fast way of getting success in meditation if seekers need to know more about this they can watch answers of my guru which I shall start shortly. I will continue…………

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About The Author:

My Name is Hari baskar I am a Graduate from Madras University, Chennai, south India. Human Resource consultant and have friends all over the world, Basically interested in Deeper Aspects of Life, I am practising Meditation for the past 8 years I strongly think and belive that we living beings are part of the Highest spirit and we need to realise it before we die.

Hari baskar



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