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Islamic column marks 25 years of sharing

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March 14, 1992 marks the birth of this column, Al-Islam in America. We are honored by our readers’ 25 years of accepting the service this column has striven to offer — the service of being a benefit to our American society. Even our occasional agitations are our way of saying, “We love you.” Al-Islam in America only wants the best for our community.

Below is the full text of our first-ever column that was printed in The Indianapolis Recorder. Our commitment to our readers and to journalism excellence is the same today as it was 25 years ago.


Dear beloved readers, welcome to AL-ISLAM in America. The greetings of peace on you; As-Salaam-Alaikum. AL-ISLAM is a weekly column seeking to address many of the concerns, successes, and challenges that we face every day. We as citizens of America have much in common that needs to be recognized. The vast global realities are coming into our living rooms daily (via TV) further testifying to our commonalities — even though the victims or visitors are on the other side of the world. Whatever the issue may be, AL-ISLAM in America will offer Islamic insights, comments, opinions and questions, all in hope of offering answers to better our lives.

Another inspiration of AL-ISLAM in America is to help clarify the many misconceptions that still are prevailing in our society regarding the religion of AL-ISLAM. AL-ISLAM is not racist, sexist, anti-Christ or a haven for terrorists. In fact the Muslim way of life — AL-ISLAM — strongly abhors racial supremacy of any kind, obligates females to seek education. Muslims honor Christ Jesus (Peace Be on Him) and his virgin Mother Mary. AL-ISLAM demands justice and mercy between and among its adherents and their neighbors.

AL-ISLAM in America’s goals are to be a contribution to our society by offering Islamic advice that comes from our Holy book Al-Qur’an and the life example of Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be On Him) who lived in Arabia over 1,400 years ago. We pray that we obtain an appreciative readership that is seeking sobering and common sense perspectives as we sojourn through life. We pray that you become a regular supporter of AL-ISLAM in America. Peace be on you, As-Salaam-Alaikum.


Twenty-five years later in 2017, we can honestly say that we have reached that goal of connecting with the readership of The Indianapolis Recorder. Your support of this column has been outstanding and enduring.

Our future aspiration is to continue to connect and unite with Indianapolis in ways that surpass the artificial, man-made barriers that divide the human family based on race, gender and religious preference. It is your questions and feedback — in print and on the streets — that make Al-Islam in America possible.

We are extremely grateful to The Indianapolis Recorder for the many years of support and the opportunity to share with you insights into the faith of Al-Islam. May Allah (G_d) bless us all with His choicest blessings! Amen!


Michael Saahir is the imam at Nur-Allah Islamic Center. He can be reached at nur-allah@att.net.

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