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Love: A journey

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As Valentine’s Day approaches most people will celebrate and examine a relationship they have with someone, whether they’re married, engaged, dating or single.

Regardless of which category they fall under many young Christians find themselves faced with questions such as “What can I do while I’m single?” “How do I meet and discover ‘the one’ God has for me?” “How do I know if we are right for each other?” “When do we go from friendship to relationship?”

Fortunately some young Christian couples are willing to share their personal experiences to help shed some light on those perplexing questions.

Meeting Mr./Mrs. Right

Thirty-one-year-old Nathan McGuire, a family support services specialist, and his wife Tayisha, 30, a public relations and administration employee at Eastern Star Church, have been married five years and met while serving in various church outreach ministries.

“We enjoyed large group fellowships within the ministries, or group outings to the movies, dinner, etc.,” Tayisha explained. “It was a fun way to get to know each other as friends. Seeing him interact with others also gave me insight into his personality.”

The situation was different for 30-year-old Brandon Jackson, a drug education specialist for Indianapolis Public Schools, and his wife Rosalind, 29, a foreign language teacher.

The couple, who got married last year, first met in 2004 at Arsenal Technical High School, where both worked at the time. They exchanged numbers and began having what Rosalind calls “deep and meaningful conversations,” not just superficial talk.

“We got to know each other by just talking,” Brandon stated. “I was also very creative when it came to the dates we went on. Our first date was a volunteer community service event. We also went to church together and traveled.”

The light bulb goes on

Nathan and Tayisha enjoyed group ministry activities for two years, and Brandon and Rosalind dated for nearly three years before experiencing the moments that let them know they had met the right person for marriage.

Nathan noted that once he and Tayisha began to date he was able to see what type of person she really was.

“Just as I suspected she was honest, loyal and although she was beautiful outwardly she was also inwardly beautiful,” said Nathan. “When I was with her I could sense God smiling on us, and had never felt that way before. In the past it was the opposite. You know, the feeling you get when something just isn’t right and you don’t want to pray about it because you already know what God’s reply will be about that person.”

Tayisha joked that God had to put Nathan in front of her over and over again so she could catch the hint that Nathan was supposed to be her husband.

“I knew he was a praying brother, compassionate and loved the Lord,” said Tayisha. “But I sought to view him only as a brother in Christ. He was handsome and had a nice build and beautiful eyes. But as his sister in Christ I resisted thinking on these things too long.”

Nathan and Tayisha kept running into each while hanging out with friends and at games. Finally, Nathan picked Tayisha up for a group activity and they ended up being the only two people who showed up. Both were calm yet slightly nervous because they were finally getting the opportunity to talk one-on-one.

“Nathan began articulating the exact same things I had been feeling,” said Tayisha. “He believed God was drawing us together and he was trying to resist it, but it kept happening over and over. He shared that he had begun seeking God in prayer about me and that God had revealed to him that I would be his. It was then that everything began to make sense.”

For Brandon, he realized Rosalind should be his wife shortly after a friend was seriously wounded in a shooting. He took the situation very hard, but Rosalind was there for him.

“She said that he was going to live and he pulled through,” Brandon said. “I knew that I had a strong woman and I realized she deserved a husband.”

Rosalind fell in love with Brandon through a gradual process.

“I began to realize that as we grew closer together, we were both encouraging one another to deepen our relationship with Christ,” said Rosalind. “I also knew that Brandon was the one for me, because he was the only brother who was willing to deny his flesh and wait for me until marriage.”

After their respective revelations both couples walked down the aisle to marriage. Only time would tell if they were prepared for what would happen next.

Next: Our couples give tips to singles holding out for the right partner, discuss the grit and work of a new marriage, and share Scriptures that are helpful whether you’re married, dating or single.

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