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In your face advertisement

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Not only can people open up a Sunday’s newspaper and see a full-page ad, but with the click of a mouse one can hear an advertisement speaking.

Or a casual stroll down the block can turn into an encounter with a 3D ad. Interactive advertisement has arrived, and it’s here to stay.

“Right now this is like a UFO landing – it’s the first time anyone has ever seen this. As people interact with products like ours in the home, the more accepting to that technology they will become,” said Chris Beauchamp CEO of Monster Media.

The next “big thing” in advertisement is 3D lenticular vinyl storefront advertisement and no visual glasses are needed to view the effects. Monster Media, the global leader in interactive advertisement was the first to launch this project for Landshark, a popular beer company.

The 3D element is described as a large 65 ft long, by 9 ft high display, in which Monster Media incorporated using gestural interactive projection and vibrant, eye-catching vinyl to encompass an entire corner location. The 3D aspect seems to pop off the building, projecting a bottle of Landshark along with its slogan, “Let the Fin Begin.”

Interactive advertisement allows the advertiser to target their potential audience as well as locate and engage them much faster than the usual paper advertisement.

“The most important thing with anyone looking into advertisement strives for is to be engaging with the consumer,” added Beauchamp. “There are too many messages people are (in contact) with on the daily basis, so much that most of the messages are blocked out. The product we offer gives our clients the ability to stop people in their tracks, engage them, tell a story and a lot of times plant a seed where the consumer actually leaves with something.”

Experts say despite the economic crisis our economy is currently facing, interactive advertising is the fastest growing medium because it’s cost effective. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau during the first nine-month revenues of 2008, ads totaled over $17 billion, a 14 percent growth from 2007.

Advertisers say the compelling factors of 3D interactive advertisement are the unique approaches it brings to their brand messages. This approach allows their ad to stand out from the cluttered billboard full of traditional advertisements.

Will traditional advertisement take a back seat to interactive advertisement? No, says Ed Kanis Butler University program director of strategic communications for non-profits.

“I don’t think we are willing to sacrifice one for another. There is certainly still a place for traditional advertisement. It really depends on who the audience is and who you are selling to,” Kanis said.

Although this form of advertisement has its perks it still comes with disadvantages.

According to Jason Nye digital marketing manager at the University of Indianapolis this form of advertisement may have the wow factor and be memorable, however is it going to lead to the sale in the end?

“This is great for visual and directly reaching your targeted audience, but can people really interact with it,” Nye said. “What is the value of it versus clicking on an ad and finding all the information you need. It’s fun to look at, but is it going to make the purchase.”

Advertisers are advised to weigh the options when it comes to the marketing approach their company should take when reaching consumers, but still the future of interactive advertisement seems to be bright.

“Interactive advertisement is a force to be reckoned with. It’s the only advertisement that has significant growth. Companies need to figure out how to implement it in their strategies,” Kanis said.

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