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What Can Social Media Marketing Sites Do For You?

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Social media marketing can be performed on numerous sites. Each of these sites gravitates towards one category or another.

There are web logs, or as we know them, blogs. These are the journal type networks in which you post your thoughts or information that you want to introduce to the world. Included in blogging are sites like: Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, LiveJournal, OpenDiary, Xanga and micro-blogging with Twitter. Social bookmarking is when internet users store links to websites or web pages that they wish to return to. This information may be kept private but is generally shared with the users established ‘community’. A few social bookmarking sites include: De.licio.us, StumbleUpon Digg and Technorati. Social media marketing includes social networking on such sites as: MySpace, FaceBook and LinkedIn. The last category includes picture and video sharing. These types of sharing sites include: YouTube, Flickr and PhotoBucket.

Tweeting is Popular

The simplest and quickest social media marketing site to use is Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogger site. Micro-blogging is a short form of blogging that consists of less than 140 characters, not words, characters. This form of blog can be sent to cell phones via text messages. When you or your company has a new product out or new information to be released this is the perfect place to let people know about it. Free to join, just sign up and start “tweeting”.

MySpace, FaceBook and More

The next set of social media marketing sites involves social networking. This includes such sites as MySpace, FaceBook and LinkedIn. When joining these sites, a person sets up their own webpage that is all about them or their business. These are community type pages. They contain information about the person or business involving their goals, their jobs, their likes and dislikes. You create the page you want with the information that you desire to share. People are allowed to leave comments for you that are available to the public. MySpace is the more social, trendy site. FaceBook is less teen-like and more suited for business purposes, unless you’re business is aiming for the teen age group. LinkedIn is a very professional oriented site that is an amazing place to network with fellow professionals in your field or to attract clients in the business world.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites such as De.licio.us, StumbleUpon, Digg and Technorati allow members of your “community” to send traffic to your site. Sign up for these sites, then add their link under your blog post or article. When someone clicks the link it sends a link to your blog post or article to the home site of whatever social bookmarking site you signed up for. On the bookmarking home pages there is a list of all of the most popular articles/blog posts from all over the internet. Yes, it can be a huge popularity contest. However, if you start with just a few members of your own little community and they tell their friends, and then soon you or your company is wildly popular.

Flickr, YouTube, and Other Video / Image Sharing Sites

Social media marketing wouldn’t be complete without mentioning video and picture sharing communities. Sites such as YouTube, Flickr and PhotoBucket draw people in and capture their attention. Videos and pictures can contain crazy stunts to attract any attention whatsoever. They can also be tactful and informative in order for people to see you and your business as someone to take seriously. These sites can help the average business person draw attention to themselves and can help artists that are wishing to get their work noticed.

Diligent and Consistent Social Media Marketing

Whatever type of social media marketing is chosen, one thing must be remembered. You must be diligent in pursuing these types of media. They are not ‘one-shot’ deals. A sense of belonging and community must be built over time in order to see some sort of results.

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