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More Tips To Improve Hitting The Driver Long and Straight

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Few golfers could argue that hitting their driver well is as good

a feeling as you will ever experience. Aside from the huge ego

boost it gives you there is also the added incentive of putting

yourself in position to make a good score. But the fact is the

driver is perhaps the most difficult club to master. So here are

some tips to help improve hitting the big dog.

Choosing the right club for you is a good start. Assess your

swing speed because the slower it is the higher the loft you want.

Also consider how advanced you are. A stiffer shaft is probably

more appropriate for the seasoned golfer as they will be able to

generate more distance through sound fundamentals. If you’re

just starting out or a high handicapper then consider a more

flexible shaft – the extra whip will add some distance for you.

When setting up stand at least shoulder width apart. Consider

widening your stance even further as you want to have a stable

platform for what is the most energetic swing in golf. Stand

more upright than you would with your irons with your hands

dangling down just ahead of your chin. Ensure your shoulders

are parallel to the target and lean slightly to the right. It should

feel as though there is perhaps 60% of your weight on your

right foot. This last point will help you create more power.

It is said that the driver will always find the faults in your swing.

If you tend to slice then check your grip isn’t too weak. Have

at least 2 knuckles showing on your left hand. If there is a draw

or hook in your swing consider weakening your grip so that no

knuckles are showing.

The ideal tee position is to have half the ball showing above the

clubface and to have it set near to your left heel (right heel if

you’re left handed). If you tend to slice tee the ball up higher

and vice versa if you tend to hook.

When you swing you are looking to sweep the ball off the tee

with a wide and shallow movement. Ensure that you are relaxed.

As with most things in golf this is the opposite of what you

think you should do – a tense body will reduce the club head

speed that you can produce.

Concentrate on keeping your wrists flexible. Extra length can

be generated through the whip created by your wrists on

release. Stiff wrists will severely impair your distance using

the driver.

As you begin the backswing think long and wide. At the

quarter point you want your hands to be as far from your body

as possible. This long shaft is a lever which is being wound

round a coil (you). It will pick up more speed on the

downswing the longer the lever is.

The next part is critical. You must complete a big and full

shoulder turn -try to get your right shoulder under your chin.

This is the engine room of your driving. Without it you will

not hit the big shots. You must also try and get your hips

round with the shoulder turn. Both of these combined will

created a tight coil ready to unwind. Get this right and then

watch the ball soar. Also adding a little extra effort yourself

will really take you into the stratosphere.

Ensure, however, that your body does not get ahead of your

arms during the downswing. This is a killer mistake. It is seen

quite often because the golfer wants to really go for the shot

with everything they’ve got. What you end up getting is

open shoulders before contact which translates into a bad

slice. We all know the damage this can do when you’ve just

used the most powerful club in your bag.

So try and stay unified whilst concentrating on using your

body to create the momentum like an uncoiled spring.

Before long you’ll be booming that driver like Tiger.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBlast.com

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