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Christian comedy jam

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Next weekend a team of comedians and entertainers will prove that people who are devoted to Christian principals don’t have to be serious and dour all the time.

A healthy dose of fun and laughter will be offered during the annual Christ Comedy Jam, which will be presented during two shows on Saturday, May 9 at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. at Gameworks, located on the fourth floor of Circle Center Mall.

This event will feature appearances from some of the most popular individuals in local Christian entertainment, including comedians Pastor Pretty, Donald “Fo Sho” Martin, Coma D, Milton and Deek. Uplifting and energetic music will be provided by jazz trumpeter Jef Payne.

The event was created by Christopher “C.M.D.” Downs a gospel rapper who has performed everywhere in Central Indiana – from the urban neighborhoods of Indianapolis to the suburbs of Martinsville, where faith-based groups are trying to foster healing in a city known for past racial conflicts. Participants will also be able to enjoy a banquet style selection of soulfood items throughout the event.

“This will be a night of fun and ministry that the entire family can enjoy,” Downs said. “You can even bring the kids if you don’t have someone to watch them for you. With everything going on with the economy and other issues it’s nice to be able to get a good laugh.”

Downs, Martin and other artists came up with the idea for a gospel comedy show a few years ago to offer an a cleaner version of such shows as HBO’s Def Comedy Jam and fill a void in the Indianapolis market, where faith-based comedy events are rare.

A handful of comedians, including Jonathan Slocumb, Rod Z and Sister Cantaloupe have been able to launch national ministries based on their touring routines. However, presumably because the issue of salvation and eternity is so serious, stand-up comedy is not usually viewed as a potentially successful venture in the gospel community.

Martin, though, believes the Christ Comedy Jam will show that jokes, funny sketches and playful teasing are just as at home in the faith community as they are in the secular world. “Anyone can love Christ wholeheartedly and still be hilarious,” Martin said. “This is an event where we’ll talk about everyday issues and everyone will be able to have clean, family oriented fun. It’s always good to take some time to laugh and relax. Even Jesus has a sense of humor when dealing with the Pharisees and people who came to him for miracles.”

Organizers are allowing people to view a clipping of last year’s comedy jam at www.tangle.com. Type the title Christ Comedy Jam in the search window.

“People will get their money’s worth because there will be variety of things to enjoy,” said Downs. “We hope everyone will come out and join us and have a good time.”

Tickets are $12 in advance and $20 at the door. Tickets are available at Turning Point Book Store, 4554 N. Post Road. You may call the bookstore at (317) 897-8575. For information about the event call (317) 789-6010.

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