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Indy writing trio celebrates Black identity through hair and spirituality with new book

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Nestled within the Indianapolis religious landscape lies a unique story of self-discovery, cultural affirmation and spiritual awakening: “My Divine Natural Hair: Inspiration and Tips to Love and Care for Your Crown,” authored by Indianapolis residents Shelia, Sylvia and Melissa Burlock.

At its core, “My Divine Natural Hair” is an ode to “Black hair.” The Burlocks weave together personal narratives, historical insights and spiritual reflections, creating a tapestry that empowers readers to embrace their natural hair as an extension of their unique beauty and heritage.

Executive Editor for Our Daily Bread Ministries, Katara Washington Patton, gave praise to the Burlock trio. “I believe it’s important for African American women to get in touch with our tresses. Knowing our hair correlates to knowing ourselves and truly loving who God has created us to be!”

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The beginning of the book sets the stage for a journey that explores the historical context of Black hair, from the forced assimilation attempts during slavery to the current movement of natural hair acceptance. The authors challenge societal beauty standards that often denigrate Black hair, highlighting its inherent beauty and cultural significance.

A cover of “My Divine Natural Hair: Inspiration & Tips to love & care for your crown.” (Photo provided/Broadleaf Books)

“My Divine Natural Hair” goes beyond aesthetics; it delves into the spiritual dimension, drawing connections between hair care rituals and acts of self-love, inner peace and connection to the divine. The Burlocks encourage readers to view their hair care routine as a sacred practice that nourishes not just their strands, but also their souls. They integrate scripture, affirmation and personal anecdotes to illustrate how caring for one’s natural hair can be a form of self-worship and celebration of God’s creation.

One chapter tackles the emotional and spiritual challenges associated with hair loss, a common concern among Black women. The Burlock trio offers comfort and support, drawing strength from their own experiences and reminding readers that their worth is not defined by the quantity or texture of their hair. They emphasize the importance of seeking spiritual guidance and inner strength during these difficult times.

“This is the unique story of a unique family, about a unique topic: Black women’s hair,” Dr. Willie Peterson, adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, said in a statement. “By artfully telling their Black hair story, the trio of Burlock women have done a great service because their story is steeped in African American culture and is the personal story of most African American females.”

“My Divine Natural Hair” is a testament to the transformative power of storytelling. It is a book that transcends genre, offering a unique blend of religious reflection, cultural affirmation and practical hair care advice. As its message of self-love and spiritual connection spreads through the Indianapolis community, it serves as a reminder that true beauty lies not just in outward appearances, but in embracing one’s authentic self and celebrating the divine spark within.

“My Divine Natural Hair” is out April 9, 2024.

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