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New Year’s resolutions from a
kinder, gentler curmudgeon

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One thing that’s great about being my age is that I’ve seen a ton of things in life, especially in the crazy world of sports.

Those who know me will tell you I’m always without a filter, so with thoughts of the true holiday spirit of things in mind, I’ll share with you my New Year’s resolutions for 2023.

First and foremost, I’m sorry for being right back in July about this current version of the Indianapolis Colts not having any playoff pedigree, resulting in a swan song for Frank Reich, and predicting no matter what, Chris Ballard would indeed be returning next year for yet another stab at NFL respectability again.

I didn’t know that the best thing about the Colts season would be the incredible star-studded lineup of a free concert Jim Irsay would stage at Lucas Oil Stadium, along with his outstanding collection of artifacts to boot, so I did miss on predicting that matter correctly for you, and I will admit that as I apologize.

Accordingly, resolution No. 1 is to be nice to the Indianapolis Colts and stop lamenting in-season coaching changes. I’ll go one further and promise I will take a hiatus this offseason from being critical of their draft choices and free agent signings. It will be hard, but you have my word, folks.

Resolution No. 2 is a reduction in the number of times in 2023 that I call out Pacers personnel guru Kevin Pritchard for his constant coddling of Myles Turner and my campaign to see him relieved of his duties, thrusting Rick Carlisle upstairs to the administrative ranks, which allows him to hand pick his successor for the future.

I will reserve the right to once again point out that Melvin Simon continues to be an absentee owner and that the Capital Improvement Board
allowed the Pacers to fleece them for the money to revamp Gainbridge Fieldhouse just in time for the NBA All-Star Game next year, but I’ll make an effort to limit those observations or at least be nicer about them.

My third resolution is to limit my critiquing of the NTT IndyCar Series, which continues to struggle at many of the venues away from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I know every race can’t equal the legendary Indy 500, and it’s obvious Roger Penske is spending a ton of money on these matters, but I’m not certain the core audience is being addressed fully and properly as the powers that be continue the quest to be like Formula One.

My final resolution is to be more tolerant of the insane expectations of many of the Indiana University basketball fans out there who continue to think the current version of their beloved team is one of NCAA championship quality.

The fact is Mike Woodson was a competent hire and deserves your support, but the jury is still out, and sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one in the state who realizes that.

Regardless, I’ll try to bite my tongue if the Hoosier nation call dials it down a notch too.
Those four resolutions will be tough, but I’m committed to honoring them, at least temporarily or until l get fed up with the hypocrisy of the College Football Playoff and start the ranting about all of the aforementioned again.

Happy new year to those who emailed me with their candid comments this past year, as without you there would be absolutely no one to keep me in line. I appreciate you reading the Indianapolis Recorder and trust you’ll continue to do just that in spite of my opinions.
Regardless if you think I’m correct or crazy, your patronage is appreciated.

Danny Bridges, who would like to thank the phenomenal Recorder staff for tolerating him yet another year, can be reached at 317-370-8447 or at bridgeshd@aol.com.

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