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Propelling diverse students through educational freedom

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In a world filled with infinite possibilities, why should Hoosiers accept one-size-fits-all education for our children—especially when it fails so many of them? As reported by the Indiana Department of Education, statewide results show that more than 65,000 of Indiana’s third-grade students–or 81.9%–demonstrated proficient reading skills on the assessment. This is a minimal improvement of 0.3 percentage points over results for the 2021-2022 school year. It’s time to recognize the immense potential of choice in education and embrace it as a beacon of hope for marginalized students. We, as families, must seize the opportunity to take education into our own hands and ignite a transformation that will forever alter the trajectory of our children’s lives.

Marginalized students—whether due to race, ethnicity, income, ability level, or medical need—face a relentless battle against educational inequity. Across Indiana, many students and their families are still choosing underperforming schools where needs are not being met—and all too often, it’s because families are unaware of their options. Fortunately, through K12, families can find resources to explore and engage in education in ways that best meet their families’ needs. 

Educational freedom allows families to select learning environments that cater to our children’s specific learning and style interests—whether it’s a school specializing in the arts for the budding musician. It’s a chance for every family to say, “My child matters, and their education should be as unique as they are.”

Educational freedom isn’t just about selecting a school; it’s a call to action for parents—a call to roll up their sleeves and become active participants in their children’s education. It’s about reclaiming their role as the primary advocates for their children’s futures working within a societal framework that encourages creativity and innovation while ultimately delivering on better academic outcomes in Indy.

The presence of options empowers parents and students to select educational institutions and programs that align with their needs and aspirations. This competition among schools and educational providers drives innovation, as they strive to differentiate themselves by offering unique and effective teaching methods, curriculum designs, and learning experiences. As a result, students benefit from a dynamic educational environment that constantly evolves to meet the demands of the modern workforce. Furthermore, Educational freedom allows for the proliferation of diverse educational approaches, fostering the development of innovative teaching practices and specialized training programs that equip students with industry-relevant skills. By promoting flexibility, alignment with industry needs, and an emphasis on soft skills and cultural competency, educational freedom helps produce a workforce that is not only well-prepared academically but also possesses the adaptability and versatility demanded by today’s job market. In essence, choice education fuels innovation, equipping students with the qualifications and skills necessary to excel in a rapidly changing workforce.

Each K12-powered online school in Indiana provides students access to a robust curriculum in the core subjects with a host of electives and live virtual classes taught by state-certified teachers. The network of online public schools in Indiana serves K-12 grade students throughout the state who are ready to take charge of their futures. Indiana parents have options for tuition-free and tuition-assisted online schools in the state. Begin exploring your options now.

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