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Poetic justice?

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Poetic justice?

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On Jan. 6, we witnessed an insurrection in our nation’s capital. Violent supporters mesmerized by the inflammatory words of Donald Trump, a United States president no less, sent them stampeding into the Capitol building on a mission to ransack it, threaten Congress members, assault Capitol police, and violate the principles of the American Constitution. And for what? To help a narcissistic demagogue, namely Donald Trump, stay in power — or so they thought. It was a shameful day in America’s history.

What the subversive actions of these Trump supporters revealed showed the American public, and the world, is who they and Trump really are: tyrants and domestic terrorist citizens of the United States. They will resort to anything, including violence, in order to help Trump stay in power.

 This insurrection orchestrated by Donald Trump is one of many cowardice actions he has committed since he’s been president. Actions like not standing up to Russian aggression in the face of multiple cyber attacks and election interference,  North Korean nuclear warheads expansion, and cozying up to Saudi Arabian dictatorship while tacitly participating in the elimination of  investigative journalists. Recently, reliable sources revealed astonishing information (and one I take personally because of my own military veteran status) about Russian leader Vladmir Putin placing $1,000 bounties on the heads of certain American soldiers in Afghanistan. 

 Not only did Trump remain silent about Putin’s despicable act of establishing bounties on American soldiers as more reliable information came to light, he has done nothing about it to this date. On the other hand, we saw him order law enforcement authorities during a Black Lives Matter protest to spray tear gas on a peaceful mixed crowd of protesters (mostly Black), while posing for a photo opportunity holding a Bible upside down in front of a Washington, D.C., church. All apparent signs of a cowardice leader who reveres, and fears, other autocratic leaders. Let’s take a look at just what his actions have brought about during the past four years.

Since Trump has been president the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the presidency will all be under Democratic control as of Jan. 20. Another significant result of his actions is Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will no longer be in power. For far too long McConnell has held the Senate hostage and prevented it from doing the peoples’ work. Then there is the recent removal of Trump’s biggest megaphone: Twitter. He no longer has the power of social media to continue spreading lies and falsehoods to prop himself up with to millions of gullible Americans in this country. And finally, the most publicized goal of his presidency repeated relentlessly to his sympathizers: the building of the “Great Wall” between America and Mexico, which never came to fruition. The scare tactic Trump continued to use in order to play on the fears and insecurities of his supporters. Pure manipulation.

In Trump’s mind, he maintained fantasies of staying in power indefinitely with no limits on his actions and behaving like an autocratic dictator.  What he didn’t expect, however, was the possibility of facing another impeachment charge, and the prospect of a new set of criminal charges (leading an insurrection) when he leaves office. Picture that for a moment … an American president inspiring an attempted coup against the republic. Who would have thought that? Will he get what every rational American thinks he deserves? Maybe this is poetic justice … or is it karma? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

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