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Staying healthy during NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis

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With Indianapolis hosting the 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend Feb.16-18, the city anticipates upward of 125,000 tourists in Circle City. With dozens of events taking place in the city and even more people attending those events, the Indianapolis Recorder sat down with IU Health’s Dr. Warren Gavin to discuss some of the best practices to avoid becoming physically, emotionally and mentally overwhelmed during the festivities. Here’s how to stay healthy during NBA All-Star Weekend.

Proper and regular hand hygiene

Dr. Gavin highlighted the importance of proper hand hygiene when asked about some of the best practices for not falling ill during NBA All-Star Weekend. “You would be shocked at how many things people touch throughout the day,” Gavin said. With more than 100,000 people expected for the basketball-fueled weekend, Gavin pointed out that it would be “nearly impossible to perform proper social distancing.” Despite this, Gavin recommends regular handwashing and carrying hand sanitizer as it will “help keep us out of trouble.”

Staying healthy during NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis

Many events are happening in the city during the weekend of ‘All-Star’ and there is bound to be a surplus of events containing alcoholic beverages. Dr. Gavin pointed out that there are “not a lot of good formal studies” concerning the ‘cures for hangovers.’ Despite this, Gavin provided some personal recommendations for fighting hangovers to keep eventgoers going all All-Star Weekend long.

“Eat something,” Gavin said. “Alcohol on an empty stomach can lead to a hangover. “Staying hydrated throughout the day can help avoid hangovers because an eight-ounce glass of water before bed after a long night may be too late.”

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Staying mentally and emotionally healthy during All-Star Weekend

Keeping pace with the many events happening in Indianapolis, eventgoers can quickly become mentally and emotionally exhausted. Dr. Gavin expressed that all events happening for All-Star Weekend are “incredible for the city,” but realizes how depleting it can be.

“You do run the risk of becoming overwhelmed with everything happening in the city,” Gavin said. “The manners of decompressing depends on the person. Personally, I like to use gym time to decompress. For others, it may be finding a place away from all the activities, like a quiet room. Find your way to decompress.”

Additionally, Dr. Gavin shared what excites him about 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend here in Indianapolis, an event the city hasn’t hosted since 1985.

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“I am really excited for All-Star Weekend, I may be attending the Rising Stars Challenge,” Gavin said. “It is hard not to fall in love with basketball here in Indiana.” While reminiscing on his time in Cleveland, Gavin also shared that he is excited for LeBron James to be in the city. “My dad used to take me to Cavs [Cleveland Cavaliers] games. One person that I have an immense amount of respect for on and off the court is King James.” (Photo/Getty Images)

One Pacers fan, William Castetter, is excited for what All-Star will do for the city.

“I think it [2024 NBA All-Star Weekend] will bring a lot of good publicity to Indianapolis,” Castetter said. “People will get to see that Indianapolis is a really good place to be.”

NBA All-Star Weekend is in full effect Feb. 16-18. For more information, visit nbaevents.com.

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