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larry smith

Hold your fire

I have concluded that the most important emotion in our world is not love; it is empathy. Growing up in church, I frequently heard...

Playing the game

The tragically named American Alliance For Equal Rights succeeded in getting its fellow travelers on the Supreme Court to strike down affirmative action –...

A swing and a miss

Golf shoes: $100. Golf clubs: $300. Selling the PGA Tour? Well, it’s not “priceless”, but it’s very lucrative. We don’t know exactly how much...

Choosing our destiny

There is an interesting scene in the 2006 movie The Good Shepherd. Produced and directed by Robert De Niro, the film purports to reveal...

Prime mover

It should have been just a normal story about an underdog team that overcame the odds (including those in Las Vegas) to win a...

Reading is fundamental

It’s fair to say that my immediate family’s financial resources were relatively scarce when I was a child. Fortunately, we never went without meals...

Time to abandon legacy admissions

I was a first-generation college student. Even at a very young age I understood the importance of obtaining a degree, and I always had...


The abbreviation BPM has several meanings. There’s “Beats Per Minute”. That usually refers to one’s heartbeat, but it can also refer to musical beats....

In a small town

Around the time of Bacon’s Rebellion in Virginia (1676-1677), the word “white” appears in a legal document for the first time in our history...

The benefits of slavery

Misinformation is information that is proven to be inaccurate, even though the disseminator might not be aware that it is. On the other hand,...
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