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The healing

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There was a man who was paralyzed, and some other men were carrying him on a mat. They tried to bring him and put him down before Jesus. But there were so many people that they could not find a way to Jesus. So, they went up on the roof and lowered the crippled man down through a hole in the ceiling. They lowered the mat into the room so that the crippled man was lying before Jesus. Jesus saw how much faith they had and said to the sick man, ‘Friend, your sins are forgiven.’” Luke 5:18-20

Jesus saw and rewarded the tenacity of these friends. The man was paralyzed and could not move on his own. They tore down the roof and carried him into the presence of Jesus. These friends were going to do whatever they had to do for their friend. There are two important healings that take place. They tore through a roof and all those layers. It did not matter if was a messy process; they got it done. The man can walk out of the space, but for me the deeper blessing and miracle is in the healing balm and power of friendship. Jesus was touched by their faith, complete trust and confidence in him.

I am grateful for the healing presence and tenacity of friends. There are moments when I may be paralyzed and numb with frustration, exhaustion or grief. In these times, I cannot move or pray on my own. They tear through all my layers. It does not matter if it is a messy process. I am grateful for my sisters who spiritually lift me up in prayer and carry me into the presence of Jesus. I am grateful for friends who put legs on their prayers with actions that move in the direction of what they prayed for me. It comes in the form of presence (virtual and physical), intentional listening and providing a safe space for vulnerability and authenticity. It comes in the form of honest conversations.

Amid our remote world that prevents us from physically being with each other, it does not prevent me and my community from spiritually lifting and carrying one another.

In fact, this season has made me more appreciative.

Perhaps one of the miracles is even acknowledging that we need help and each other.
The miracle and release of being able to share when we are not OK. One of the most precious gifts that we can receive and send is the healing power of having and being a praying friend.

Today I invite you to spiritually lift your friends in prayer and into the presence of Jesus. Take a moment within the next week to send, text, write or call someone who has spiritually lifted you up in prayer and carried you into the presence of Jesus. Christ will be touched by your faith, complete trust and confidence.

Grateful to carry and to be carried,
Rev. Sheila P Spencer

Rev. Sheila P. Spencer is an author, poet, teacher and preacher. You can contact her at CustomMadeInspiration@gmail.com and her website is www.sheilapspencer.com.

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