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Transforming Lives Through Tech | Stephen Lewis Shares What’s New at Eleven Fifty Academy

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Stephen Lewis, Senior Director of Admissions for Eleven Fifty Academy was born and raised in Indianapolis. He graduated from Arlington High School and is dedicated to his community. Stephen is helping people transform lives through his work with Eleven Fifty Academy.

Q: What is new at the Academy?

A: We are just starting Coding Foundations classes, which is an immersive introduction to our courses. After the 5-week Foundations class, the student gets to select which pathway at Eleven Fifty Academy to engage in.

Q: What’s the advantage of taking a Foundations class?

A: Students are truly able to learn before taking the leap. Imagine if you didn’t know how to swim and someone threw you in the deep end — this is many of our alumni has felt. As a result, we have created an introduction course where our students engage in a deep understanding of a career in tech and this process places the student in the drivers seat to decide which path is best for them. The options are UX | UI, Web Development, Software Development — and we are creating something similar for our cybersecurity pathway. Every step of the way, someone is encouraging each student and able to help them discover what is best for them.

Q: If someone is interested, what is a first step?

A: I suggest that people start with our free intro courses, which enables someone to come in and check out what the options are. They can speak with students, graduates, and instructors and get a feel for what the Eleven Fifty Academy experience is like. We want our prospective students to get comfortable with our process.

Q: What is the pace like at Eleven Fifty Academy?

A: It goes fast, and it’s exciting to watch students who may not have a background in tech achieve amazing results. We truly watch lightbulbs click on with our students and it’s super rewarding.

Q: What is the opportunity for jobs in tech?

A: The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a job growth rate of 22% for software developers between 2019 and 2029, compared with 4% for other occupations. And everyone is welcome to take advantage of this opportunity! Eleven Fifty is dedicated to skilling up individuals from diverse backgrounds, reducing barriers to entry for technology careers in web development, cybersecurity, application development, and UX/UI.

Q: Is there financial assistance available to those who are interested in attending Eleven Fifty Academy?

A: Yes! Funding through grants and the Career Accelerator Fund covers the costs of Eleven Fifty Academy’s comprehensive education and training. These opportunities provide graduates a financial onramp to enter the workforce of high-paying careers 16x faster than via a traditional 4-year college degree, at substantially less cost, with similar placement and salary outcomes.

Q: Will you tell me a bit more about the Career Accelerator Fund?

A: The CAF is a 0% interest educational funding tool that requires NO pay back unless outcomes are successful, meaning that the student lands a high-paying job. Nothing is owed if the student does not succeed in that mission. When they get that high-paying job, the payback is capped at 5% of monthly income — which is a super low payment.

Q: What would you like someone to know if they are interested in pursuing a career in tech?

A: We really want to connect with our students and understand how their educational process [with Eleven Fifty] is impacting them, and identify how can we help each student, from social emotional needs, to helping remove any barriers to success for them. Our job is to transform lives and get people to where they want to be.

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