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Delving Deeper: Two new books to explore this week

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Have you ever felt a yearning to connect more deeply with your spirituality? Or are you curious to learn about the journeys of others on their faith paths? If so, two recently published religious titles offer unique perspectives that might resonate with you.

Baltimore resident Ronald E. Richardson explores the concept of spiritual connection in his new book, “Oneness with God.” Richardson, a senior attorney and spiritual counselor, feels the book can help answer some people’s concerns about God.

“If everyone in the Kingdom of God had that same servant mentality and served everyone before thinking of themselves, then by definition, I would be served by everyone in the Kingdom because they all have the same servant mentality that I have, serving everyone before themselves,” Richardson said in a statement.

Richardson emphasizes that “Oneness with God” is not limited to any religion or belief system, saying that the book is designed to be a universal guide. Those interested can get a copy of “Oneness with God” on Amazon.

Scholar and theologian Dr. Angelique Walker-Smith takes a different but equally compelling approach in her new book, “Ahead of Her Time.”

Walker-Smith’s new book promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of faith and leadership through the lens of pan-African women. The book goes beyond the usual narratives of the modern ecumenical movement, offering a fresh perspective that centers on the experiences of women who have been historically marginalized.

Ahead of Her Time” delves into the untold stories of inspiring women of faith from Africa, North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. Walker-Smith highlights their contributions to local, national and global ecumenical movements during their time.

“I believe that the context of these women’s stories is historic to the very beginning of the World Council of Churches,” Walker-Smith said in an video interview regarding her new book. “These women’s stories follow the alignment of church history which the ecumenical movement it is a part of.”

Walker-Smith’s book does not simply recount these women’s journeys; it offers a retelling of the ecumenical movement and the narrative through a pan-African women’s lens. This reframing promises a richer understanding of the ecumenical movement, acknowledging these women’s crucial roles in shaping its trajectory.

The book’s significance extends beyond historical recognition. Dr. Walker-Smith hopes that by highlighting these women’s experiences with racism and gender discrimination “Ahead of Her Time” will pave the way for a more inclusive ecumenical movement. The book aspires to strengthen the movement’s core values of justice and peace by embracing the voices and experiences of those systematically excluded.

Walker-Smith’s book is a compelling read for anyone interested in the history of the ecumenical movement, the experiences of pan-African women in faith, or the pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable future. Dr. Walker-Smith’s personal experiences with these women leaders promise a unique and captivating perspective, making this book a must-read for those seeking a richer understanding of faith and leadership.

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