Young mothers share the challenges and joys of motherhood


Motherhood can be a beautiful experience for some mothers, and although the journey is not always easy, it can be rewarding. This is the case for two Indianapolis women who take pride in being mothers.

Jaide Coleman, 23, became a mother in January to her 4-month-old son, Demetrius. The road to motherhood was nothing short of difficult for Coleman.

“It sadly wasn’t the best,” Coleman told the Recorder. “I went through a lot.”

Despite the obstacles the new mom has been through during pregnancy, it is clear she loves her baby. Coleman’s favorite thing about being a mother is hearing her baby talk to her and seeing him smile.

Coleman’s fondest memory as a new mom was hearing her baby’s cry when he was born and hearing him tell her that he loved her.

Like Coleman, the journey to being a mom was not easy for mother of two Itia Palmer, 23. Palmer became a mother two years ago to her first-born child, Za’maya.

When Palmer found out she was pregnant, she was in such extreme denial that she took four pregnancy tests. Palmer said that being pregnant was not a fun experience due to the complications she experienced.

“I had complications in both of my pregnancies and almost lost my life both times,” Palmer said.

Last year, Palmer gave birth to her 11-month-old son, Izayah, and said that motherhood showed her how protective she is. Palmer’s favorite thing about being a mother is the feeling of unconditional love she receives from her children and being able to make them happy.

Her fondest memories as a mom were making it out of the delivery rooms with healthy and alive babies.

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