Your neighborhood association has a place for you



The Eastside Corridor between Fall Creek Parkway and Shadeland Ave has several neighborhood associations within its boundaries. Leaders have worked very hard over the years to encourage residents to participate in making the Eastside Corridors stronger, more vibrant and participation as to the entities coming into the area. The seven neighborhood groups are collectively known as the G-7. The collective includes:

  • Oxford Neighborhood Association
  • Keystone Millersville Neighborhood Association
  • Forest Manor Neighborhood Association
  • Audubon Gardens Neighborhood Association
  • Devington Community Association
  • Arlington Woods Association
  • Sheridan Heights Association

Independently, the associations are consistently encountering the same issues and challenges as residents, and we encourage residents to attend meetings and be active in their respective neighborhood activities for the welfare and growth of the body. In an attempt to deal with challenges of mutual concern, the presidents have banded together to work as one umbrella organization (G-7). The G-7 goals are to:

  1. Inform and disseminate information involving the potential growth opportunities in the Eastside Corridor and how it will impact residents. 
  2. Introduce contacts regarding services and remedies available for all residents based on their individual and/or collective needs
  3. Have a voice in how the Eastside Corridor will continue to be developed
  4. Ensure the government entities recognize the grassroots level constituents and deal with concerns for our community.

The association presidents cannot succeed without community input and involvement. Meetings are geared around specific issues such as safety, health, government agencies, banking and other topics that need to be addressed for the benefit of the communities.

The 38th street corridor is becoming more active and growth oriented. Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital, Cook Group and Goodwill of Central Indiana have invested heavily in our community and have taken extra steps to involve the community-based associations in their decision-making process. There are other companies currently making initial investments in the Eastside Corridor. They are both encouraged and welcomed. We are very proud to have a full-service grocery within our boundaries.

Neighborhood association meetings are still being held within each group’s geographical boundaries. Residents of the Eastside Corridor are challenged to step up and step in. If quality of life for you or your loved ones is important, there is a place for you. If you need help or are having issues with government services, there is a place for you. If you just want to know about all the exciting improvements coming into our neighborhood, there is a place for you.

The basis for neighborhood associations is to bring residents together with mutual needs and interests. On Tuesday, Aug. 6, an opportunity will be presented to see your neighborhood association in action. The G-7 will host National Night Out from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Shalom Mennonite Church located at 6100 E. 32nd street. There will be entertainment, food and games for teens and children with various vendors. Most importantly, each neighborhood association will be represented.

Much effort is being put into ensuring that activities for all ages will be available or just an old-fashioned meet and greet. Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy an evening of making new friends, but most importantly, your presence will show the Eastside Corridor is alive and growing because of neighbors like you.