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Using your talents

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Whether it’s the ability to express God’s word through praise dance or possessing the gift of ministering to others, using God-given talents are vital because they give form and structure to peoples’ lives.

According to Charles Tripp Sr., pastor of Great Light Church, when individuals discover their talents, they discover their purpose. From that purpose, destiny is discovered.

“Destiny is something that lies exclusively in the hands of God. It is a way of not only being engaged by God but connecting with why we’re here on the planet,” said Tripp.

Kenney Garmon discovered his talent of singing at an early age and discovered his true purpose for God at what he thought was just another singing opportunity.

Before becoming a solo gospel artist, Garmon sang with an R&B group. They were invited to sing at a church and through the powerful words of song “Trust in God,” the crowd’s response forced Garmon to open his eyes to his lifestyle and how he was using his talent of singing for God.

“That performance was different. After the performance, we had people coming up to us asking us to pray for them. I learned what’s important in the ministry,” said Garmon.

Singing for the Lord came easy for Garmon, but once a God given talent is found, the most important thing is to not only use it, but make sure it is carrying out God’s will even through challenges.

“Oftentimes the world is seductive, it usually offers us more money, greater fame, quicker access to success. All of those things are instant and that’s not with a struggle all the time,” explained Tripp. “Usually the world paints a much rosier picture of what it’s able to offer us than the kingdom of God.”

To make sure one rejects worldly temptations, Tripp encourages God’s children to first understand that there will be struggle in addition to moments of joy, but to then surround themselves in the word to grow stronger spiritually and to gain more discernment. He also suggests placing positive, God-fearing people around you.

Garmon is ready to face the strife that comes with rise in fame in the gospel industry, but also suggests a strong church family to keep the talented focused.

“I developed a personal relationship with God, got in my word, and I have a strong foundation in my church,” said Garmon. “We need that covering from God and a pastor who leads his sheep. I’ve got people praying for me, too.”

Through singing about issues such as the purpose of struggles or the devil’s temptation on your way to church, Garmon hopes to use his talent not for fortune or fame, but to glorify God.

“I’m doing this for the love of winning souls. I just want to go where God leads me. I’m on this ride and when God says get off, I’ll stop. I don’t have any expectations, I’m just doing what God wants me to do,” said Garmon.

“If you’re (using your talent) because God gave it to you and doing it is an expression of your thankfulness to God then that insulates you from the world,” added Tripp. “If the world thinks you’re doing it for the fame and money, they’ll play all kinds of games with your talent, mind, and your relationship with God. Your motives have to be right.”

There is no one on Earth that doesn’t have a gift from God that isn’t vital to his kingdom. Whether it’s the gift of service or the gift of leadership, using one’s talent to serve God is fundamental in his will for believers’ lives.

“When you give your talent, that’s when you’re most aware of who God is and God’s intention towards you, but also God’s great love. When you refuse to use your gift, there’s a point of disconnect where God mostly desires to connect with you,” said Tripp.

For more information, call Pastor Tripp at (317) 920-9887 or visit www.greatlight.org. For more information on Kenney Garmon, visit www.myspace.com/kenneygarmon.

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