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Tia Debuts Naturally Fit and Fab

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Natural Hair: The new trend?

Afros were a major trend in the 70’s.  Natural hair has made a strong comeback in the past decade.  Many are wondering is this a permanent movement?   Or is it just another temporary trend?

In the past decade, there has been a spike in women saying no to relaxers and embracing their natural hair.  Businesses have capitalized on this increase by releasing hair products dedicated to those women who wear their hair naturally.   Natural hair salons, product stores, and blogs are popping up at a rapid speed to educate women on how to properly care for their natural kinks and curls.

Was choosing to embrace my natural hair a trend for me?

Even though I have never had a relaxer, embracing my natural curl pattern is something new for me.  Until last May, I always wore my hair straight with the aid of a press and comb or flat iron.  May of 2012 I started exercising regularly.  It became pointless to straighten my hair regularly because the style would be ruined from sweating.  I searched blog after blog and reached out to various hair care professionals to find a hair style that was more conducive to my active lifestyle.  Ultimately the solution was to focus on heatless hairstyles.  With the increase of information of natural hair care available, I was able to find a routine that worked well for me. 

My choice to embrace my natural curls was directly related to my increase in exercise.  My active lifestyle and curls are here to stay.  One of the great parts about natural hair is that it is versatile.  Although I rarely straighten my hair, I do have that option.  I have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback regarding my heatless hairstyles.  Natural hair is versatile and I have learned that the sky is the limit for hairstyles.

Overall, is natural hair the current trend?

I do not think that natural hair is the new trend but rather a lifestyle that is here to stay.  Maintaining healthy natural hair requires immense dedication and commitment.  By far, the rewards outweigh the additional caring and styling time.  The natural hair movement is uplifting and encourages accepting your natural self.  At the same time, having natural hair doesn’t stop you from experimenting with a variety of styles including but not limited to braids, weaves and wigs. 

Most importantly, I appreciate the camaraderie that has formed within the natural hair community.  Women from all ages and walks of life are connecting and encouraging each other through their journeys.    

Now it’s time for you to weigh-in.  Is natural hair a temporary trend or permanent movement?

About Tia: 

After losing over 30 lbs and experimenting with various new products and hair styles, Tia decided to document her healthy lifestyle journey with the world to motivate, inspire, and encourage others. Naturally Fit and Fab was started November 2012 to promote natural hair, healthy living, fashion and beauty.  Tia is constantly researching and trying new products in order to provide quality product reviews, hair techniques, and the latest news in the natural hair community.  Check out the blog at naturallyfitandfabulous.blogspot.com

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