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Picking the perfect pizza

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Before my first trip to Napolese Pizzeria, I believed I only liked restaurants with bright colors, steel tables and many artsy paintings. That assumption has now been shattered due to my perfect experience at this establishment.

An extensive wine and cocktail menu was only one plus to list. The deciding factors, in short, were the great sounds and busy lively vibe, which immediately made me know I want to visit this place again before 2016 ends.

From the bright orange blaze in the oven to the rush of pizzas passing, this is a perfect no-pressure locale for a date night.

The outdoor seating area was not large, but once I was inside, the intimate space allowed me to focus on the food, which came out hot in only seven minutes. I ordered the Camel Walk, a thin-crust pizza with “sticky icky bbq,” braised brisket, tomatoes, chilies and provolone. Each slice fit in the hand and was perfect for a New York pizza fold. And unlike some pizza places looking to make things very simple, Napolese Pizzeria pulled no punches on the spices, thank goodness.

I looked around to compare my service to others’, and I consistently saw doting waiters and quick order turnarounds. The confined space allowed greater focus on each individual customer, and once I got my food, my waiter left me alone to enjoy it and only checked in periodically as a courtesy.

I appreciated all of the small touches, like the complimentary olives to add to my already well-garnished pizza, and every single piece of food in front of me was gone by the end of the hour. I believe that’s the ultimate sign inferring I enjoyed the stay.

As for other pizzas on the menu, the Meridian-Kessler with Italian sausage, provolone and mushrooms sounds delightful. I would also bet on the Prince Caspian with tomato jam, smoked chicken, red onion, chilies and provolone.

To conclude, if you’re looking for a quiet, spacious setting, this particular Napolese Pizzeria is not for you. The restaurant is on a nice quiet corner, but the atmosphere inside was more upbeat and busy.

You’ll hear a little alternative pop on the speakers, you’ll hear pieces of other people’s conversations, and you’ll immediately know if this is your cup of tea after the first 10 minutes.

Those looking for a small suburban adventure will deem this a treat. Perhaps if the location isn’t your style, try the spots at the Fashion Mall or downtown and see if the food matches your aesthetic tastes.

Napolese Pizzeria Locations: 

49th and Pennsylvania

114 E. 49th St.

Indianapolis, IN 46205

(317) 925-0765

30 South Meridian

30 S. Meridian St.

Indianapolis, IN 46204

(317) 635-0765

The Fashion Mall

8702 Keystone Crossing

Indianapolis, IN 46240

(317) 705-0765


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