After a decade of long legal battles, the demolition of a long-troubled far east side housing complex has begun. Built over 60 years ago, Towne and Terrace complex sits severely dilapidated. One quick walkthrough and you would not know that families have resided between crumbling buildings with their hands tied for solutions while legal battles to get anything done ensued.

After reaching a settlement last fall, city officials have been working quietly behind the scenes to find a solution. Last weekend, the city informed residents that it would use a plan to acquire all remaining properties in the complex and demolish them. The project will continue through 2024 or until all properties have been acquired and demolished.  

Built over 60 years ago, Towne and Terrace complex sits severely dilapidated. The city has secured funding to support the demolition of buildings and relocation of residents, (Photo/ Jayden Kennett)

The city will use a combination of local and federal dollars to fund the project, which would require specific regulations to be followed. All eligible residents will receive financial assistance and relocation advisory services to help them transition to a new home. The city will help residents with moving expenses and property owners will be compensated based on fair market value.  

The project will work in phases until all 152 properties are purchased. Following the full demolition of the site, the city will work with neighbors to envision a “community-drive” redevelopment of the area.  

“This will be welcome news for anyone familiar with the health and safety issues that have burdened this property for decades: from abandoned and dilapidated units to an uncaring HOA, to the drug dealing and deadly violence that came in their wake,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “Finally, we are able to move forward to get residents the proper housing and safe conditions they deserve.” 

Additional information about the process can be found here.  

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