Colts snag Emil Ekiyor Jr. after 2023 NFL Draft

Emil Ekiyor Jr. signs with the Indianapolis Colts
Emil Ekiyor Jr. during an event held by Samaritan's Feet, his NIL sponsor. May 2022.

The Indianapolis Colts made an unforeseen pickup following this year’s draft by selecting Emil Ekiyor Jr. This caught many analysts off guard. However, Ekiyor Jr. is a homegrown prospect that the Colts could deploy as early as this season.

Ekiyor Jr. played college football at the University of Alabama, where he started ten games as left guard during his junior season. He was an integral piece of one of the best offensive lines in the history of college football. Ekiyor Jr. helped the Crimson Tide to a national championship in 2020.

In 2022, Ekiyor Jr. signed a NIL deal with Samaritan’s Feet.

During the 2023 NFL Combine, Ekiyor Jr. impressed many scouts with his strength, hand placement on blocks, explosiveness and attentive nature on the offensive line.

Ekiyor Jr. also attended Cathedral High School in Indianapolis, where he gained four-star recruit status.

The Colts believe that Ekiyor Jr. has the potential to be a starting guard in the NFL and could even develop into a pro bowler as his career progresses. He will provide depth and competition on the offensive line, which is always an asset in the NFL.

Some fans think that Ekiyor Jr. will be vital in protecting the Colts’ new quarterback: Anthony Richardson.

“I’m excited happy to be back in Indy,” Ekiyor Jr. said. “I am ready to work hard and learn as much as I can.”

As a Hoosier himself, Ekiyor Jr. wants to positively impact the city that helped raise him. “(Ultimately,) I want to be a blessing to someone else, especially the youth,” Ekiyor Jr. said.

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The Crimson Tide guard was not the only pickup the Indianapolis Colts after the draft. The franchise also added the following talents:

Donavan Mutin, LB, Houston (source)
Liam Anderson, LB, Holy Cross (source)
Braxton Westfield, WR, Carson-Newman (source)
Zavier Scott, WR, Maine (source)
Cole Coleman, DB, Elon (source)
Darius Hagans, RB, Virginia State (source)
Cody Chrest, WR, Sam Houston State (source)
Johnny King, WR, Southeast Missouri (source)
Caleb Sampson, DL, Kansas (source)
Harris LaChance, OL, BYU (agents)
Titus Swen, RB, Wyoming RB (source)
Guy Thomas, LB, Colorado (school)
Aaron Maddox, S, Campbell (source)
Tyler Richardson, DB, Tiffin (WLWT)

Overall, drafting Emil Ekiyor Jr. was a great move for the Colts that could ultimately pay off. Only time will tell if Ekiyor Jr. will become the great player that Hoosiers and Colts’ fans anticipate.

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