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What are you doing with the Resurrection? What are you doing with the power within to rise up and out of circumstances that would love nothing more than to take you completely out? Notice I didn’t say rise above. If Jesus had to endure the cross, without the aid of angels or the might of God, who are we to think we’ll rise above?

Some, if not all, situations are meant for us to go through — not stay in, but go through. That means we learn the lesson and move on, sulking and pity parties not included. As such, there is another side, one of victory, hope and all things good, waiting for our arrival. Evidence is in Romans 8:28, which says all things work together for our good. All things. It doesn’t mean we’re going to like those things. It doesn’t mean they won’t be uncomfortable. It does mean that, regardless of what they are, all things will work together for our good. Travis Greene encourages us in his song titled “Intentional.”

Ah, the irony of the song title and the opening questions of this article. As heirs of God and joint heirs of Christ we share in the suffering and the glory (Romans 8:17). In my opinion, suffering comes from the crosses we bear. Glory comes in the power of our resurrection(s). However, it will not magically happen. There will be no clicking of the heels or snapping of the fingers to bring us to the other side of through. Just like Travis says God is intentional with what we go through, I believe the same can be said about our ability to rise up and out of circumstances.

Sure, we’ll experience days we feel we can’t take it anymore. We’ll experience days we want to give in, give up and give out. But that circumstance is not the end all, be all. I call to your remembrance, the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-46). Jesus asked three times if the cup of circumstance could be taken from Him. Ever recognize that God did not answer? Yet Jesus said not His will, but God’s will, be done. That’s resurrection in itself. No need to pull the “Jesus was 100 percent human, 100 percent divine” card. Truth be told, as heirs and joint heirs, we have the same ability, the same intentionality within ourselves to say “not our will, but God’s will be done.” If we have to go through the circumstance, so be it, especially knowing we don’t have to stay there. We can receive what we need to and keep it moving.

We have to be intentional about rising up and out. We don’t have to overstay our welcome with unfavorable circumstances. We have to be intentional about reminding ourselves we have what it takes to deny succumbing to an early demise by way of life’s unpleasant surprises. Such a demise is not always physical. It could be emotional, spiritual, social, financial and so on. Still, we’re equipped to rise up and out. It may take every ounce of willpower and strength. It may call for assistance and motivation from other people, but we can do it. We’re supposed to do it. We’ve been gifted with the ability to do it.

The next time you find yourself in a seemingly losing battle with life, take a walk down memory lane. Make a pit stop on the winning road of victory. While there, re-up your arsenal with the intentionality to rise up and out.


Rae Karim is pastor at Northwood Christian Church. She can be reached at rae@Indyncc.org.

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