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Make America great again!

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We are more than familiar with the four words in the title of this article. It was the campaign slogan for the newly elected President-elect Donald J. Trump. He spoke these words as seamlessly as inhaling and exhaling the air of life he breathes. While there were many who supported him and this cause, there were just as many who were greatly opposed.

While in conversation with a friend the day after the epic election, God, as Infinite Wisdom, dropped some knowledge on me. As such, I share it with you: 

2 Chronicles 7:14 in the Good News Translationreads as follows: If they pray to Me and repent and turn away from the evil they have been doing, then I will hear them in heaven, forgive their sins, and make their land prosperous again (emphasis added).

Do you see what I see? President-elect Trump did not come up with this slogan on his own. As Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NIV) reminds us, there is nothing new under the sun and what was before will be again (there’s a thread of similarity between the texts). I believe there are times when it takes the sun a couple rounds of rising and setting before some things come back around. Nevertheless, his words opened up a door that I don’t even think he was aware of. Unbeknownst to him, but very well known to God, President-elect Trump is being used for God’s purpose. Now, before you go rolling your eyes, sticking your nose up or shaking your head at me, keep reading!

God always uses willing vessels, whether they know it or not. Even more, such vessels may not always realize the purpose for which they are being used. When Trump made the decision to run for president, I believe God was getting the plan in place. As Trump went forth in his campaign, branding his slogan, gathering his team and all the mudslinging and jugular vein grabbing that took place during the campaign, God was crossing some items off the list. Done. Done. Done.

Voting day arrived. Some of us went out and cast our votes. Some of us did not. Regardless, the Lord knew who was going to win. You do realize that, right?

Do you also realize because it was President-elect Trump who won and not Hillary Clinton, we, as people of God, are going to bombard heaven with prayer? Do you realize we, as people of God, are about to bring 2 Chronicles 7:14 to pass, as we repent, we seek God and turn from our wicked ways? Do you realize as we pray and seek and repent and as our Gracious & Merciful God forgives, America will indeed be great again? Not because of President-elect Trump alone, but because of the prayers of the righteous that avail much (James 5:16). It will be because we, as God’s people, are putting so much more trust in God than in man, especially a man who pulled out all the stops for the win … and won.

As far as I see it, the best choice we have is to trust God, who has always come through faithful. The best choice we have is to hold fast to our faith, as we know ALL things work together for the good of we who love God and are called according to God’s purpose (Romans 8:28; paraphrased).

As much as Trump would like to believe he will do this on his own, he’s just a mere pawn in the game of chess God is playing. God Almighty, the King of Kings, runs this board, and God will do what is most befitting, using whomever is willing, to bring we the people to the place God needs us to be — the place of greatness … again!


Rae Karim is pastor at Northwood Christian Church. She can be reached at rae@Indyncc.org.

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