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Dr. Toby Malichi wins Advancing Africa Award

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Dr. Toby Malichi, Hon.D.Bus., D.H.L., was given the new name, “The Global GodFather.” (Photo provided/Dr. Toby Malichi)


Whitley Yates, owner of The Niche Agency here in Indianapolis has given me a new moniker, “The Global Godfather,” and the new name is highly received by my colleagues in Washington D.C., and around the globe. The only thing that is constant is change.

Black, minority, immigrant, and people of color-owned businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to find pathways forward to start, grow or scale their small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and obtain that elusive access to capital. It’s obvious to me that many SMEs are still utilizing, old, outdated, and Pre-COVID operating models — and are relying on what I call, “The Regurgitating Silo Cliques” for strategic direction. SME leaders may or may not be aware of how to lead in the new ecosystem economy. This new industry operating model is sector-driven without borders, requires new mindsets and approaches, including the rethinking of value propositions, competition, partnerships, digital and data strategies.


“Chief Executive’s October CEO Confidence Index finds CEOs outlook for 2024 at lowest level in a year, with 87 percent of the 240 CEOs polled saying they expect business conditions to either remain flat (29 percent) or turn negative (58 percent).” Are you prepared for what’s to come? Do you know the power of your company?

No worries, help is on the way! Malichi Group Worldwide’s innovative global strategic business unit, Malichi Impact Solutions, provides purpose-driven leadership solutions to train, advise, and mentor founders, CEOs, and presidents of small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), private-sector global business leaders, and investment groups on how to lead with confidence when navigating the new ecosystem economy amid geopolitical tensions, economic uncertainty, high interest rates, and raising global inflation.


There is absolutely nothing that we can’t do collectively, collaboratively or with communal impact …… absolutely nothing, if it is God’s Will. I personally and deeply, wholeheartedly believe that!! However, I am not naïve to the realities of structural racism, internal prejudice, barriers to access to capital, brinkmanship between our (U.S. Congress and U.S. Senate), where it appears at times, that the average age is much higher than the average IQ. These impacts are motivators for me to inspire leadership globally, help others achieve their goals, and be a trusted global voice with influence and impact. Moreover, I aim to be a beacon of hope and encouragement in a world where there is very little.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will annihilate mediocrity, complacency, entitlement, and the blame-game attitude. Bottom-line, the train is leaving the station at high rates of speeds, with or without you! All aboard!

But wait! There are impact solutions! Black people, and people of color, we have over three trillion dollars of disposable personal income which is more than any other ethnicity in America. But yet, we continually spend our hard earned dollars on other people’s businesses, products and services, and still won’t buy from each other’s businesses. That’s not the white man’s fault….it is solely ours! That alone would help solve Black businesses access to capital challenges, and enable us to hire more Black people and our youth, thus offsetting job discrimination in the workplace.

I personally know heads of state, world business leaders, and fellow highly intelligent Black and African fellow think tank senior fellows that are just brilliant, and are doing incredible great things as well as inventors with superior innovative inventions, if just given the opportunity and funding to bring their high quality products and services to the marketplace.

If we as Black people, and Black businesses, would circulate those dollars within our own communities, I promise you we would not be at the lower economic percentile, lacking access to capital. Rather we would give rise to a way out of poverty, improve our quality of life, have thriving businesses, have plenty of money in our own banks, elect quality politicians by having our own Political Action Committee (PAC) money or special interests groups to impact favorable laws and legislation that favor us. I can teach you the “game.” But not for free!

Through God, all this is possible if we would buy from each other’s businesses and support each other’s endeavors consistently. If as a race of people we don’t get it together right now, it is predicted that our wealth and our net worth will be zero by 2040! I don’t need to translate that, do I?

Going global is no place for the faint-hearted. However, with 95% of our customers outside the borders of the U.S., the Malichi Group Worldwide is internationally-recognized for our sage advice, wisdom, expert communication and facilitation skills, and business mentoring as proven, experienced, and highly-skilled practitioners, and cross-border deal makers. Our Global Chamber Indianapolis and Indiana helps startups or SMEs export their products and services globally, successfully close more complex trade deals, equip more SMEs with insights and strategies to access global markets, conduct global business easier with less stress, get you paid, and enjoy a culturally-enriching experience.

On a personal note, I would like to express my profound gratitude and thanks to the Indy Black Professionals for honoring me on October 14, 2023 with the prestigious Advancing Africa Award for Economic Development and Social Entrepreneurship. I am truly humbled and honored.

We doze but never close. Have a successful day and think globally!

Dr. Toby Malichi is the Founding Executive Chairman and Global Head of Development, Investment & Diplomacy at the Malichi Group Worldwide.

To learn more, contact Dr. Toby Malichi at 317-515-8866 or Dr.Toby@malichi.com.

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