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May is World Trade Month

OECD, IMF, WTO predicts increase and growth for global trade in 2024

“A decline in inflation and a strong US economy will more than double global trade growth this year, international bodies say. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development forecasts that global trade in goods and services will increase 2.3% this year and 3.3% next year, compared with 1% last year. The International Monetary Fund predicts global trade growth of 3% this year. The World Trade Organization expects goods trade to increase 2.6% this year, after a 1.2% decrease last year.” (Source: Financial Times)

“No more humble Hoosier” as 1) Indiana’s Governor Eric Holcomb and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation will host a global economic summit later this month. 2) A Black software cyber security company in Northern Indiana will be the first Black business leader from Indiana to receive the prestigious Presidential “E” Award at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, DC this week. 3) And yes, I will be doing my part as President Biden has invited me as a business leader to participate at The White House Business Leader Summit at the end of May.

It’s no global secret that of all my global goals, chief among them is to become a global business diplomat and world leader and to earn the Noble Laureate for Business for Peace — ever since I was 8 years old. I’m now 74 with an International Peace Medallion and pursing the Presidential Freedom Medal as well. Having said that. I have dedicated over half of my business life assisting, helping and representing multinational U.S. small-and-medium-sized enterprises around the globe, advocate, negotiate and execute U.S. Free Trade Agreements, trade-related policies and exporting.

I’ve always said, “The world is your oyster,” even amid unprecedented geopolitical tensions and economic uncertainty. The latest trade data suggests that doing business globally, global trade deals and exporting opportunities will increase bottom-lines and impact growth over the next couple of years. Currently, Indiana ranks ninth in exporting in the U.S. Malichi Group Worldwide LLC and its Global Chamber Indianapolis, and our highly capable city and state partners. Stands ready, willing & able to help more Indiana small-and-medium-sized enterprises, especially those who are interested in doing business with Africa, India, Dubai, South Korea, Japan and the U.S. to name a few countries.

A shoutout to Martin University for honoring me this May 18 with my third honorary doctorate degree. I am extremely humbled and honored.

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