Local Youth Achieves Eagle Scout Rank: Celebrating Robert A. Smith, Jr.’s Dedication to Scouting


Indianapolis, IN — In a heartwarming testament to perseverance and commitment, Robert A. Smith, Jr., affectionately known as Junior, has ascended to the esteemed rank of Eagle Scout, marking a milestone in his journey that commenced at the tender age of 9.

Robert’s affinity for scouting was ignited during an open house at Tindley Academy, where the allure of adventure beckoned from a scouting booth within the auditorium. From that pivotal moment, he embarked on a transformative odyssey, steadfast in his dedication to the principles of scouting.

Reflecting on his journey, Robert shared, “I thought of quitting once, but only for two minutes. I just love scouting even through the rough times. I love camping, the teamwork activities and all the friendships.”

His trailblazing path to Eagle Scout status was adorned with 30 merit badges, including the cherished distinctions in family life and chess. Among myriad badges, 21 were prerequisites for the coveted Eagle rank, a testament to Robert’s unwavering commitment and passion for personal growth.

Robert’s crowning achievement, his eagle project, epitomized the spirit of community engagement and inclusivity. Collaborating with resident Imam Michael “Mikal” Saahir at the Nur Allah Islamic Center, Robert spearheaded the construction of a kickball field, envisioning a haven where families and friends could congregate in safety and camaraderie.

Looking ahead, Robert’s indomitable spirit propels him towards new horizons, as he prepares to embark on a journey of service with the United States Marine Corps. His resolve to uphold the scout oath, to do his duty to God and country, remains unwavering as he sets course for marine boot camp this summer, followed by active duty in San Diego, California.

Yet, Robert’s heart remains tethered to his scouting roots. Upon his eventual return, he fervently aims to extend a helping hand to Troop 123 of the Edna Martin Christian Center, perpetuating the ethos of service and mentorship that has defined his scouting tenure.

Expressing gratitude for the unwavering support that propelled him to this pinnacle of achievement, Robert extends heartfelt thanks to his mother Regina Smith, family, fellow scouts, and the dedicated mentors and volunteers of Troop 123. Giving extra gratitude to chartered organization representative Nathan Williams, his past and present Scoutmasters: Keith Burns, Montreal Davis, Wayne Crowe, Anthony Conley, Sasha Fletcher and Tiffany Abdulrasheed. He also wants to make sure special acknowledgment is reserved for Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, whose generous contribution fortified his Eagle Scout project, a testament to the power of community collaboration in nurturing future leaders.

In celebrating Robert A. Smith, Jr.’s extraordinary journey to Eagle Scout, the community rejoices in his indelible mark on the fabric of scouting and the promise of his continued impact as a beacon of service and leadership.  Robert is the 16th Eagle Scout from Troop 123, a predominantly Black troop.

For more information on central Indiana Boy Scouts of America programs, please visit www.crossroadsbsa.org. Crossroads of America Council is an Indiana 501(c)(3) organization with a local governing board that oversees its programs, services and resources.


Crossroads of America Council, BSA is a youth development organization dedicated to preparing young people to make ethical and moral decisions throughout their lifetimes. The goals of Scouting consist of citizenship training, character development, physical and mental fitness, and leadership development. The national organization recently announced a name change to Scouting America to refresh, reintroduce, and reinvite America to Scouting, welcoming all youth in an environment where everyone should feel respected and valued.  The name change will be fully adopted and implemented on February 8, 2025, the fifth anniversary of welcoming girls into Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA programs and the organization’s 115th birthday.  For more information on Scouting, call 317-813-7125 or 877-925-1900, or visit www.crossroadsbsa.org.

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