Indianapolis filmmaker releases book inspiring youth in media


Indianapolis-based filmmaker and educator Al Smith released his third book “Lights! Camera! College!”

The book explores career paths in the media industry in an effort to empower the next generations of leaders — including filmmakers, writers, content creators, entertainment lawyers and more. Released Aug. 28, “Lights! Camera! College!” draws on Smith’s personal journey and experiences and sheds light on the challenges he faced as a young, aspiring filmmaker and some of the obstacles high school students encounter when figuring out their future.

“High school is a critical time when young minds are full of aspirations and dreams,” Smith said in a statement. “However, many students face uncertainty about the path they should take to achieve their goals.”

Smith said his book aims to be a comprehensive resource offering a step-by-step guide for high school students who want to go into the media industry. The book covers key topics, such as identifying and nurturing passion in media and creative arts, choosing the right educational path and programs, building strong portfolios and resumes, networking, and finding mentors.

“Lights! Camera! College!” is available in both print and digital formats and is available for purchase on Amazon and For more information, visit