Innopower launches digital impact network to elevate minority businesses in Indiana

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In anticipation of Juneteenth, Innopower, powered by Metaimpact’s multi-stakeholder platform, is proud to announce the public launch of Indy Biz Pass, an innovative digital ecosystem designed to spur economic growth and wealth creation within Indiana’s minority business community. This cutting-edge initiative marks a significant milestone in providing underrepresented entrepreneurs enhanced access to essential resources for business success.

Indy Biz Pass is built on Metaimpact’s robust digital infrastructure. Metaimpact enables organizations to design, build, and deploy digital impact networks where multiple stakeholders can act on shared goals to create collective impact.

Indy Biz Pass is the first network of its kind to focus specifically on empowering Black, brown and other minority-owned businesses in Indiana. Funded with philanthropic support from JPMorgan Chase through a grant to Sagamore Institute and operated in coordination with Innopower, Indy Biz Pass is a new resource to help connect minority business owners with a comprehensive network of support, including funding partners, industry experts, educational institutions and talent development resources.

For the past year, the focus has been on building a strong network of supporting organizations. Current contributors include the Indy Urban League, Business Equity Indy, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Sagamore Institute and many more. By joining Indy Biz Pass, these organizations can make their services widely discoverable to all entrepreneurs, actively contribute to pivotal initiatives, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the work being done across the state. This collaborative environment is crucial in driving forward the collective mission of empowering minority business ownership and success.

Today’s public launch of the impact network marks a crucial next step by providing access to the entrepreneurs the network aims to support. Understanding the dynamic needs of modern business owners, the impact network is accessible via a specially designed web app. This ensures that resources and collaboration opportunities are just a tap away, facilitating real-time business development and networking.

“With Indy Biz Pass, we are setting a new standard for how we support and elevate minority businesses,” said Emil Ekiyor, founder and CEO of Innopower. “This network is more than just a platform; it’s a community dedicated to fostering success and growth for Black and brown entrepreneurs across Indiana.”

Scott McCorkle, CEO of Metaimpact, added, “Our digital infrastructure is uniquely poised to unite diverse stakeholders and resources in a holistic, impactful manner. We’re excited to see how this network transforms the landscape of minority entrepreneurship in the Hoosier state.”

JPMorgan Chase’s commitment to this initiative underscores its dedication to fostering inclusive economic growth and supporting diverse communities.

“One of our top priorities at JPMorgan Chase is ensuring communities and businesses have the resources needed to break down barriers and access economic opportunities,” said Phylicia Manley, vice president and program officer in Global Philanthropy, JPMorgan Chase. “Through Sagamore Institute, in coordination with Metaimpact and Innopower, we’ve been able to assist in strengthening an ecosystem dedicated to helping diverse business owners find access to capital and network support.”

Entrepreneurs can access Indy Biz Pass at Organizations seeking to make their services discoverable on Indy Biz Pass can request to join the network at

The app was created due to 2020 JPMC Research on the Central Indiana Black Business environment. See Research Here

About Innopower

Innopower is a nonprofit organization designed to highlight and support innovations that accelerate growth in Black communities, create opportunities for capacity building, and provide a platform for creative thought and innovative entrepreneurialism. Innopower’s three focus areas include entrepreneurship, talent development and social impact.

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Sagamore builds and implements innovative solutions to society’s biggest problems. Through research, consulting and impact investing, the nonprofit fights for a society uplifted by heartland policy innovation, business solutions and citizen engagement.

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Metaimpact enables organizations to design, build, and deploy digital impact networks where multiple stakeholders can act on shared goals to create collective impact. By providing the digital infrastructure needed to enable systems change, Metaimpact empowers organizations to confront critical issues, such as improving access to affordable healthcare, meeting workforce needs, advancing climate solutions and closing the racial wealth gap.