Giving back to the community seems to always have been one of Kamara Holman’s passions despite the circumstances she has been through.  Holman’s experiences in a shelter with her mother and sister at the age of 16 inspired her drive to help others. 

During her time in the shelter Holman, who is the first lady of Pleasant Union Missionary Baptist Church, told herself that she would help others when she was in a position to do so, and that goal is manifested through the outreach work she currently does.  

In 2015 Holman started the Blessed 2 Be a Blessing charity after realizing there was a need for more events for people who are homeless. With the help of her kids and husband, the pastor of Pleasant Union Baptist Church, the charity hosted events that served over 100 homeless Hosiers.  

“It seems as though the homeless are always left out, and there are not enough events geared towards them,” Holman told the Recorder.  

Over the years, Holman began to design more ways to help those in need, and in August 2020, she started the Hope Project.

The Hope Project is an organization that provides a variety of services including clothing assistance, counseling services and job search assistance to those in need in the Indianapolis area.  

In 2020 Holman’s outreach work was recognized by WRTV when she was a recipient of the Jefferson Award for Multiplying Good.  

Holman’s ideas to help people only grew from there, and on April 15, Holman created a quarterly event called “Bus Stop Blessings.” This event was formed to give hope to those in need.

Holman partnered with Pleasant Union, Gamma Delta Iota, The Hope Project and Smart Family Development to serve nearly 400 people in the city with free bus passes, clothing Bibles and lunch.  

One person impacted by these acts of kindness was Denise Love. The mother of four found out about the event on Facebook and decided to attend.  Love stated that upon her arrival the faces behind the community service work that greeted her were welcoming.  

Transportation had been a need for Love’s family and because of the event she was able to provide them with bus passes.  “It takes a load off me,” Love told the Recorder.  

Holman wants to expand her outreach in the community and plans to continue helping those in need while spreading the gospel of Jesus. A few of these plans include paying for gas and hosting a charity parade, both set to take place in the fall.  

Holman said giving back to the community is important because “it could be them today, but it could be us tomorrow.” 

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