Mother-daughter real estate brokers give back to community


Real Results is more than just real estate.

Run by mother-daughter duo Tiffany Dearman and Karr Hill, Real Results Real Estate is dedicated to helping their clients buy and sell homes while helping the community build generational wealth that lasts.

“I feel like so many times in a lot of communities, not just the African American community, either that knowledge is missing or that level of confidence is missing, and we want to help bring both,” Dearman said. “We want to do everything we can to help lift others because we’ve been blessed.”

Dearman got her start in the construction industry working for CP Morgan for 15 years before the market eventually tanked. Fortunately, Dearman was in the process of getting her real estate broker’s license, and in 2009, when New Construction went out of business, she had a plan.

She established Real Results by putting fliers on the model doors and asking former clients to call her if they needed their money back or needed a new home. When Dearman first started, she said 10% of her business was dedicated to helping families facing foreclosure as a short sale and pre- foreclosure certified agent.

Real Results Real Estate is a mother-daughter team that works to help clients buy and sell homes and build generational wealth. (Photo provided/Karr Hill)
Real Results Real Estate is a mother-daughter team that works to help clients buy and sell homes and build generational wealth. (Photo provided/Karr Hill)

“It was just basically out of problem solving and trying to help people, and 16 years later, we still really consider ourselves problem solvers and really passionate about helping people realize the dream of homeownership.”

Dearman’s daughter, Hill, however, said she wanted nothing to do with the real estate industry.

After graduating from Anderson University, Hill decided to “blaze her own path” and went into event planning and marketing, working for Ritz Charles, Indy Marriott and Eli Lilly. Hill wanted to start her own business in 2019 but decided to start training for her real estate brokers license instead, not knowing there would be no physical meetings for the next two years.

However, things worked out, and Hill said going into real estate and working for her mom’s company was one of the “top three best decisions” she has made. Although generational wealth has become a bit of a buzzword , Hill still said her role in the company as a broker is to help people build it.

Hill helps her clients break down what generational wealth really means and what it could look like starting with the first consultation, including understanding active income, disposable income and investments, she said.

Purchasing or selling a home is only the first step. Real Results is unique in how they position themselves to be with their clients for life to help them figure out how to best leverage real estate for their wealth building portfolio, Hill said.

“It’s not just about finances, we focus on the emotional wealth and spiritual wealth, but typically, you can’t think about those other parts of your life very well if your finances are not somehow stable and growing,” Hill said. “It’s hard to think about other things, so we start there, but we build on that.”

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Dearman and Hill also take giving back seriously. Both are active in their church, dedicated to the arts, and Dearman previously served on the Brownsburg school board. Supporting their community is not just a privilege, it is a passion — whether that is through providing community workshops through Elevate, offering free consultations and sales coaching or partnering with other industry organizations, Dearman said.

Tiffany Dearman started Real Results Real Estate as a way to give back to her community. (Photo provided/Tiffany Dearman)
Tiffany Dearman started Real Results Real Estate as a way to give back to her community. (Photo provided/Tiffany Dearman)

On average, 87% of people leave real estate within the first three years because it is so difficult to make enough deals to turn a profit and make a livable income. A rising tide lifts all boats, Dearman said, and by coaching incoming agents and brokers, they are able to spread success and wealth throughout the community.

“We like to think of ourselves as the biggest small brokerage, and we say that not only because of revenue, but because we are pretty strong in production for a very small brokerage,” Dearman said. “But it’s also because of the way that we like to do this, to give back to the community.”

Through Elevate, a three-day virtual conference presented by Nonprofit Leadership Alliance that took place in February, Real Results presented seven different workshops from industries, such as engineering and entrepreneurship to educate others on how to take the next step to improving their active income, real estate investments and protecting their assets, which is how Hill said generational wealth is built.

“I’m blessed to have a niche, which is a lot of foreign national buyers and sellers and people of color,” Hill said. “That is a great deal of who I serve and that’s who I also want to give back to when we do events like this as well.”

Those interested in learning more about getting into the real estate industry are encouraged to reach out to Dearman and Hill via email, and to schedule a free consultation. Interested clients are encouraged to reach out via email, call the office at 317-286-3099 or visit

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