Union Reaches New Deal with Sysco Following Strike

Sysco Indianapolis strike
a Junior doctor on strike over long hours and unsatisfactory wages. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Teamsters have reached a new deal with Sysco Indianapolis following a recent strike.

Agents of Teamsters Union Local 135 called for the labor stoppage, quoting unfair labor practices and apprehension regarding contract negotiations. On March 27, workers of Sysco Indianapolis went on strike.

Sysco, also known as Systems and Services Company, is one of the world’s leaders in wholesale restaurant food and non-food products.

Local 135 triumphant during Sysco Indianapolis strike

On April 11, Teamsters Union Local 135, based in Indianapolis released a statement regarding the recent victory.

“This triumph belongs to every single one of us who stood together to win respect. Sysco Teamsters have shown that when workers stand up and fight, we can achieve anything,” said Marcus Irvin, a Sysco Indianapolis warehouse employee and chief steward for Teamsters Local 135.

“Our members sent a powerful message that when Teamsters stand together, we can take on anyone and win the fight, even America’s biggest corporations,” said Teamsters General President Sean M. O’Brien.

O’Brien went on to thank those who were not weathered by the storm. “Teamsters are united and emboldened at Sysco. Our members have proven to this company that when workers are disrespected, the Teamsters will take you on with everything we’ve got.”

The new agreements display noteworthy headways, including wage increases of more than 20 percent in year one for Local 89 members, 23 percent over the life of the contract for Local 135 members, superior retirement benefits, affordable union health care, boundaries on weekly work hours, and MLK Day as a paid holiday.

Tom Erickson, Director of the Teamsters Warehouse Division, also shared his thoughts about the recent victory.

“Sysco saw what they were up against and caved to the Teamsters’ demands. Once again, our members established a united front and took this company head-on to get what they deserved,” Erickson said.

“This victory is a testament to the unwavering dedication and commitment of our members. It’s also a reminder to Sysco to get its act together and treat its workers with respect.”

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