This high vibrational collective is here to make a difference one candle and mindful breath at a time.

Co-owned and operated by Noel Willis and Fallon Price, Three Dope Souls aims to promote self-love through self-care with beauty and health products, mediation, pillars of love, vision board parties and more.

“What keeps us motivated is the reaction when people see us, when they smell us, when they feel our energy at a booth or when they come into any of our workspaces,” Willis said. “I think being women and knowing that we’re empowering women to just live and to just be, that takes the cake for all of that.”

At its core, Three Dope Souls is a women-owned business dedicated to physical, mental and emotional healing and empowering women, Willis said. The business’ founders are both professionals in the beauty industry — an esthetician and hairstylist — who wanted to use their skills to be more impactful in their community.

Willis grew up on Indianapolis’ West Side and attended Aveda Fredric’s to become a licensed cosmetologist — she briefly attended IUPUI for biomedical engineering but found that the beauty industry was more her speed. Co-owning a business was never really part of her plan, but Willis said as she went through cosmetology school, she also worked as an entrepreneur and worked her way up to COO of a well-known hair extensions company.

“That gave me so much insight into the entrepreneurial world — the access, the opportunities, the people,” Willis said. “I learned a lot and realized I will probably never submit an application ever again in my life.”

Fallon Price and Noel Willis, co-founders of Three Dope Souls, a women-owned high vibrational collective. (Photo provided/Three Dope Souls)

Willis said she left the company at 27, took a year off and had a child before getting back into the industry where she has been working at her own salon studio for the last four years.

However, for Price, running a business was always one of her goals. Growing up in a small town north of Indianapolis, Price said she originally went to school to become an occupational therapist but instead became an esthetician to provide the care for women that they often do not afford themselves.

Price has never been someone who will do anything someone tells her unless it makes sense, and she said realizing what was missing from a healthy work environment motivated her to start offering spaces where people can “just come and be.”

“We just really realized, especially after the pandemic, that people, especially women, do not care for themselves,” Price said. “I was always raised to just take care of myself, my hair, my nails — self-care was kind of implemented. And I just realized a lot of people didn’t take the time to do those things for themselves, and that’s why Three Dope Souls became a brand.”

But who is the third dope soul, you may ask?

“We get to say, ‘you’re the third dope soul,’” Willis said.

The business was born out of an impromptu vision board party Willis hosted alongside Price and one other woman in January 2020 — hence the name Three Dope Souls. However, she said the two of them did have to pivot and adjust their alignment with their purpose moving forward.

“It’s encouraged and helped us in our healing process as well too,” Price added, “because not only are we creating a safe space for other women, but also for ourselves.”

Willis and Price offer a line of eight signature candles made from soy wax and essential oils and wood wicks, all of which are intentionally named and packed with different flowers and crystal pieces. They also carry an assortment of crystals, journals, body washes, bath salts, feminine care products and Yoni kits.

But, Three Dope Souls was created as a segue into a bigger purpose, Willis said. While they do offer a wide selection of candles, body care and mindfulness products, she said they are in the community to do more than just sell products and have a healing space just down the street — Peace House — where meditation, breathwork and more happen.

Willis and Price held 10 free workshops last November and December and plan to do more in the coming year. With all the pop-up markets coming up this summer, Price said they are open to collaborating with other brands or companies to add a little touch on women’s sessions, such as the Integrated Women’s Leadership Foundation conference that they participated in on June 14.

Overall, Price and Willis just want to let their community know they are here to help those who are new to putting their health and wellness first.

“If you are struggling to find what taking care of yourself looks like, we’re here for you,” Price said. “We want to be a space where people can come and ask those questions and we can put them in the right direction.”

Three Dope Souls is located in Broad Ripple at 819 Broad Ripple Ave. Guests are welcome to shop in-store or online at and visit Peace House at 813 Broad Ripple Ave. Price and Willis can also be spotted around Indy at festivals and pop-ups this summer.

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