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Creating healthy routines creates a healthy lifestyle

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Creating daily routines has become popular as society continues to prioritize mental and physical health.

A daily morning and evening routine can make a difference in how you get out of bed in the morning and sleep at night. Adding the proper routines can help boost energy, increase productivity, reduce anxiety and improve overall physical health.

Daryl Roberts, a holistic health practitioner, uses his work in Ayurveda to help people build those routines that can lead to healthier lives.

Roberts created “Balanced Alignment” to teach about Ayurveda – a natural holistic medical science from India. Roberts uses Ayurveda to help treat everything from cancer to heart disease to diabetes, sprained ankles, headaches and digestive problems.

Many health problems can come down to lifestyle and routine, and a change in your routine can change your health. Roberts recommends establishing a schedule for eating and sleeping.

“One of the things I did over the years was actually base my day around my eating. You will not catch me in a meeting at 12:30 because I eat lunch then. Same thing with 7:30 and 8. I don’t meet people then, I don’t work then, I eat breakfast at that time.”

He created this routine because it fits his lifestyle and provides stability. Roberts says your routines must fit your body type, mind and lifestyle. He suggests paying attention to when and how you sleep because it can affect your mind and body.

“Sleep is the foundation of our health. My teacher says it like this: From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, it’s all wear and tear. It’s all usage: Your body, your mind, your muscles and every tissue in your body is being broken down to do the things that you do during the day. Sleeping at night, at the proper time, is the only time that you actually get to regenerate and rejuvenate from the inside out.”

Indianapolis native Terrance Tucker created daily routines to help himself get into shape and have more energy throughout the day. He starts his mornings by waking up and going to the gym, then coming home, making breakfast and reading emails before leaving for work.

“When I don’t get right out of bed and workout, I just feel more tired throughout the day,” Tucker said.

On Sundays, he has a routine of setting clothes aside for the week and meal prepping so he has less to think about during the week. He created this specific routine because it works for his lifestyle.

When creating your routine, Roberts recommends making it easier on yourself. He says if you want to start getting up before work every morning and working out and you find it hard to do, ask yourself what time you are going to sleep each night and make any changes needed to set yourself up for success. This will help your routine feel less like a task and more like a choice you are making for a healthier lifestyle.

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