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By Dr. Toby Malichi

In my first global business column, I documented my legacy foundation on how I got started in international trade, global business diplomacy and facilitating cross-border trade and investment deals as well as those government leaders and corporations or so, who charted the pathway forward for we Hoosier globetrotters.

Many of my white and black colleagues in Indiana, who are involved in some form of trade and investment or exporting today, had no idea of this historical background. Many have expressed to me that my name has never come up in international trade, business or international affairs organizations’ discussions, conversations, panel or speaking opportunities or serving on global-minded boards or even as a principal advisor to C-Suiters, government or NGO officials, especially those with Black talent in leadership roles based in Indiana. I responded by saying that I am around the globe, and the U.S., but wasn’t surprised by those fallacious revelations.

Yet, there were those that stipulated, WOW, you have been constantly and unduly subjected to impact bias, systemic racism, prejudice and discrimination to the Nth degree!! Knowing this, how do you cope with the mental stress in dealing with such myopic thinker(s) who lack intellectual insight? My answer may astound you. They are playing local checkers and God has me playing global chess. “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelo. But God


McKinsey recently wrote, “that the best leaders to navigate turbulence are ambidextrous.” They play both offense and defense. Ironically, I am ambidextrous although it didn’t help my play as the first starting guard/forward for the first intercollegiate basketball team Indiana University Indianapolis (Formerly to be, IUPUI) in 1972. The team was inducted into the Men’s Basketball Hall of Fame, January 2010. I digress.

As Black History Month is officially coming to an end for those who believe in only celebrating for 28 days. I turned 73 on February 23rd and was reminiscing on that exact date last year, when I made Global History during Black History Month as the first black recipient of the prestigious International Peace Medallion and bestowed with my second Honorary Doctorate Degree. And, how much closer I am getting to achieving my childhood dream of winning the Noble Laureate for Business for Peace.

When I founded my firm Malichi Group Worldwide (www.Malichi.com) celebrating over 41 years in business and now operating in over 70+ countries. There were no advisors, mentors, coaches, peer groups, podcasts, globinars or zoominars. I was blessed to travel the world, serve on two (2) world-renowned, very powerful and influential global boards of directors in Washington, DC in leadership roles, become one of our nation’s most sought-after small business leaders and experts on free trade agreements, advising White House Administrations on trade and trade-related issues and policies, and served as an official Delegate to the WTO, APEC, ASEAN, TABD (Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue), NAFTA, CAFTA, USTR just to name a few. I’ve been told by Washington Insiders, and others, that no small business leader from Indiana has accomplished all of this in total than myself, Black or White. You’ve made history. Perhaps, but I just love my country and my home state, Indiana, and have an innate PASSION to make the world a better place through

Business for Peace.

But not to be deterred. I want to motivate and inspire leadership, provide impact strategies, digital tools, consult, advise, coach and mentor especially, Black C-Suiters, Minority-and-Women-owned Businesses, People of Color, and Immigrant Enterprises on how not to become a statistic as over 40% fail victim to the COVID-19 pandemic. Old operating models are obsolete, and simply will not work, especially over the next 15 months or so, of expected economic turbulence ahead, amid geopolitical tensions and uncertainty.

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. Proverbs 15:22 (NIV)
Experienced and Proven Global Advisors are Here to Help, NOW!
Malichi Group Worldwide, LLC operates and manages Global Chamber Indianapolis and Indiana.

Global Chamber® Indianapolis and Indiana gain access to millions of customers, partners and trusted connections and in 525 metropolitan areas around the world to grow their business. We help companies export, import, invest and be more successful.

We’re the only organization with hundreds of locations outside of the state that supports attraction, landing and exporting. Our network of over 100 million trusted connections are a key asset to any company looking for more growth.

We’re a regional and global network of business leaders seeking faster growth with less risk across regional and country borders. To get connected with Global Chamber®
Global Chamber® is a growing, global community of CEOs, executives and leaders in 525 metro regions around the world, everywhere… focused on helping companies grow with less risk within and across metropolitan areas.

We’re the ONLY organization in the world with hundreds of locations that helps executives grow sustainable business through warm connections and virtual services.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) across our deep and wide network of talented exporters, investors, leaders and global resources to help them grow business.

Our vision is a world where doing cross metro and cross border business is as easy as selling across the street. We’re all too busy to waste time and make mistakes.

Go virtual – or in-person – with the global tribe. We provide members with trusted connections, training and information to grow… helping members connect with customers, partners, employees and experts to grow across metros and borders. When members engage with Global Chamber®, risk is reduced and growth accelerates.

Global Chamber® Indianapolis and Indiana members receive:
Warm intros to ideal customers
Connection to ideal employees, partners
Access to trusted advisors everywhere
More inflation and supply chain solutions
Development of young global leaders
Access to VIP experiences, virtual events
All or nearly all of >600 events per year are free
Celebration of women in global leadership
Access to Export Circles and Export League
Member discounts and special access to services
introduction and engagement with hot opportunities
Membership in the “global tribe”

We care. And we use technology to support the success of our members.
We’re the first and ONLY Chamber of Commerce located in hundreds of metro areas that is focused on growing cross-border trade and investment in a collaborative way… everywhere!

To get connected directly to Dr. Toby Malichi for inspiring speaking engagements or learn more about Malichi Group Worldwide and Global Chamber Indianapolis and Indiana. Or, if you have a question or comment on an article or have recommendations for trade-related topics you’re interested in knowing more about?

Please call or text: 317.515.8866 anytime day or night or email: Dr.Toby@malichi.com

We doze but never close. Have a successful day and think globally!

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