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The art of thrifting

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Thrifting has become a popular trend in today’s society. Adding pieces that are not only fashionable but have character to one’s closet has been adapted by many, leaving the trend of fast fashion behind.

Aaron Marshall, co-owner of Naptown Thrift, a brick-and-mortar vintage clothing store, not only admires the art of thrifting but was raised on it as well. Marshall was introduced to thrifting at a young age by his parents who are co-owners of the vintage store.

“As far as the store goes, it was realizing that there was a market for the stuff that me and my parents were already finding. My parents are the ones I co-own it with,” said Marshall. “They would take me thrifting as a kid, and I would look for jerseys and sports stuff because that’s what I was into.”

After transitioning into college at Butler University, Marshall expanded his fashion taste to more of the eighties and nineties vibe.

“I started to get into more of the eighties and nineties fashion, like loud sweaters, old windbreakers and jerseys. Then my friends at school would see me wearing them and wonder where I got it from.”

Sparks of interests from friends contributed to the start of the Marshall family business, which began as a storage unit that eventually moved to a storefront.

“Instagram was fairly new and posting clothes on there was a new concept, but as we started to see other people sell stuff on there, we realized that there was a market for the stuff we were grabbing. So, we set up a storage unit and opened it up to the public. People who saw what we posted on Instagram could direct message us and come by appointment and shop our storage unit,” said Marshall.

Marshall said that he sees the thrifting trend taking over the shopping scene as opposed to firsthand stores.

“I think there has been a push to one be unique but two to support local and have more of a firmer grip on what your style looks like rather than let a mall store or a fast-fashion brand tell you what you want to look like,” said Marshall. “I see the push being people would rather come to stores like ours, or go thrift themselves and shop vintage, or go to flea markets because one the love of the hunt but two the uniqueness of it. The mall … I don’t know, I think it’s kind of been played out. It’s a lot of the stores producing the same stuff.”

Overall, Marshall believes thrifting and vintage shopping has surpassed the mall in uniqueness and in coolness.

“A lot of fast-fashion brands are referencing old designs. You could go and get a cheaper quality made but newer brand shirt of an old design for more than going and buying the original. But the original is going to be made better, cheaper, and yes, it’s been pre-worn most of the time, but that adds the coolness and character factor to it. To me, it’s all about uniqueness. As far as the coolness factor goes, I think thrifting and vintage has surpassed the mall in a coolness factor,” said Marshall.

Jaden Warner, a frequent thrift shopper, apricates the uniqueness and quality of thrifted clothing.

“I thrift clothes instead of shopping at firsthand stores because clothes from the early eighties and nineties have more character,” said Warner. “They’re made of better quality, and they just have meaning behind them.”

People thrift for a multitude of reasons, such as cheaper high-quality items, one-of-a-kind pieces and the hunt.

“The act of thrifting is just fun. When you actually do it, you’re going to leave with something. It’s just leveling up your closet, and that’s fun for me and people who thrift with me, that’s fun for us,” said Warner.

To shop at Naptown Thrift, visit 2184 E. 54th St. Store hours are noon to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, noon to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.

Contact staff writer Braxton Babb at (317) 762-7854. Follow her on Twitter @BLIEVESHEWRITES. For more news courtesy of the Indianapolis Recorder, click here.

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