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Top View shining a light on Midwest talent

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Midwest Industry Nights offer a space for creatives to come together, network and learn. The events are hosted by Top View – a company focused on helping artists break through the noise.

“Top View is a Talent Management and Media Company. We have a few artists under our belt that we are managing and working very closely with to nurture their career. For media, we just like to spotlight not only local talent but also Midwest while also tying in how branding and marketing could work with that. So, it’s a little bit of entertainment, a little bit of education, but it’s all fun,” said Airika Lewis, host and brand personality for the company.

Midwest Industry Night was the resolution to the common misconception that Indianapolis residents lack support for each other and that there is nothing to do in the city.

“We were tired of the stereotype of everybody hates on each other from Nap or there’s nothing to do in Nap. It was like, guys, if you went outside your own personal circles, you would realize there is a huge creative community, and there’s been a shift in the city where we’re just more supportive than ever,” said Lewis.

Although its Industry Nights are educational, Top View hopes that attendees gain more than just that.

“We hope that meaningful connections can come from the nights, whether it’s one or five, and we hope down the road when they have made this collaboration in whatever they hope to create, they can say we met at an industry night,” said Lewis. “We also want people to know there is a space in Nap where you can come be yourself, be heard and get put on free game. We just want to keep spreading that message that we’re all here doing the same thing, we’re in the same boat trying to get to the same place and we can root for each other and pick up gems along the way.”

The in-person event includes guest panels, listening sessions and networking opportunities.

“We wanted to have everyone in the same room that does something. You can learn something from everyone in this room whether you work together, or you’re colleagues cheering each other on, or maybe you can’t help someone out, but you have a homie that can help with that. It’s just all-around good networking, and it’s very organic,” said Lewis.

Lewis gave a walkthrough of what a typical Midwest Industry Night looks like: “Usually during that first half hour, people are still arriving and getting warmed up; there’s music playing, we have snacks and drinks, and we let everyone get comfortable before we get into our first guest panel,” said Lewis.

The guest panels, which are followed by Q&A from the audience, are made up of people from the industry. After the first guest panel, there is a networking break.

“The shift from the first networking break to the second one is so cool to see because everyone is talking or is inspired by what they just heard,” said Lewis.

They then transition into the next guest panel, after which comes a listening session from upcoming artists. The artists introduce themselves and play their song for sixty seconds, and the audience provides feedback on the music.

“Can’t lie, I definitely got to get into the modeling industry after this meeting. The best part about Midwest Industry Night is that it’s for all creatives, not just rappers, not just singers, not just models, it’s for everyone,” said attendee of Midwest Industry Nights Jacob Peoples, who was inspired to follow the spirit of the event and tap into his creative side.

Lewis encourages everyone to stay tuned for big news from the company in early 2024.

To keep up with TopView and upcoming events, follow TopView0 on Instagram.

Contact staff writer Braxton Babb at (317) 762-7854. Follow her on Twitter @BLIEVESHEWRITES.For more Top View news courtesy of the Indianapolis Recorder, click here.

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